International Relations Program

Core courses for International Relations (IR)

Core Courses for Political Science (PS)

・Comparative Government and Politics ・Applied Econometrics or Econometrics
・Foreign Policy Analysis ・Comparative Government and Politics
・History of International Relations ・Local Government and Public Service
・Human Rights and Global Justice: Cultures, Gender, and Equality ・Political Institutions and Governance
・International Organization ・Political Theory
・International Political Economy ・Public Administration
・International Politics ・Research Methods
・International Security in a Digitized World ・Statistical Methods

Elective courses (Common for IR and PS)

・American Foreign Policy ・History of Global Political Economy ・Japanese National Security Policy
・Analysis of Development Policies and Programs ・International Law  ・Modern Japan in the World
・Chinese Foreign Policy ・International Relations and Foreign Policy of Japan ・Politico-economic history of Japan’s modernization
・Cross-cultural Communication ・International Relations in Eurasia ・Postwar Japanese Politics
・Diplomacy and Statecraft ・Issues in African Development ・Public Human Resource Management
・Environment, Sustainable Development, and Human Security ・Japanese Development Cooperation: Implementation and Practice ・Qualitative Methods
・Essentials of Economics ・Japanese Government and Politics ・Refugees, Migrants, and Human Security
・Evolution of Modern Strategy ・Japanese International Development
・Security and Strategy:National and
・Global Issues: UNU Global Seminar ・Social Issues in Contemporary Japan: Modern and Postmodern

Notes: In addition to these elective courses, students can choose other courses provided by other programs as elective.
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