Public Management and Policy Analysis Program

Core courses

・(Applied) Econometrics ・Managing Public Organizations (PM) ・Public Finance and Budgeting (PM)
・Cost Benefit Analyisis (PP) ・Microeconomics I: Price Theory ・Public Policy Process
・Introduction to Policy Analysis ・Policy Evaluation (PP) ・Statistical Methods
・Introduction to Policy Modeling (PP) ・Public Administration (PM)

Elective courses (Common for PM and PP)

・Case Study Method ・Leadership in the Public Sector ・Public Human Resource Management
・Environmental Policy and Disaster Management ・Local Government and Public Service ・Public Organization Theory
・Industrial Organization and Policy Analysis ・Macroeconomics I: Income Theory ・Public Private Partnerships
・Information Policy and Management ・Mathematics for Economics and Management ・Research Methods
・Japanese Public Finance and Administration ・Political Institutions and Governance ・Survey Data Analysis
・Japanese Government and Politics

Notes: In addition to these elective courses, students can choose other courses provided by other programs as electives.
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