The following list states the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of prospective students interested in our International Public Policy Program.
If you have additional question or you need further information, please contact us.

1. What is an international public policy course about?

The curriculum for International Public Policy is designed to provide solid intellectual foundations for practitioners to understand and analyze the complexity of global and international issues.

2. What are examples of international public policy?

International Public Policy deals with issues at global and international levels, such as the global economy, international security, global justice, human rights and so on.

3. Why do we study international public policy?

We feel it is essential to comprehend and deepen our knowledge on global and international issues.

4. What skills do you need to work in international public policy?

What really matters most is your devotion and commitment to make the world safer and mankind greater.

5. Is international public policy a good career?

Yes, it is good for people seeking careers in the public sector as well as in international organizations.

6. Is international public policy only for government employees?

Not necessarily. Many international public policy issues are addressed by International Organizations and International Non-Governmental Organizations.