International Development Program

Core courses

・Development Economics (ID) ・Macroeconomics Ⅰ: Income Theory ・Microeconomics Ⅰ: Price Theory
・Econometrics ・Macroeconomics Ⅱ: Business Cycle and Growth Theory ・Microeconomics Ⅱ: Strategic Behavior and Information Analysis
・International Trade (ID) ・Mathematics for Economics and Management (Eco) ・Statistical Methods

Elective courses (Common for ID and ECO)

・Agricultural Development and Resource Revenue Management ・Industrial Organization and Policy Analysis ・Labor Economics
・Analysis of Development Policy and Programs ・Inequality and Poverty: Measurement and Applications ・Macroeconomic Modeling and Forecasting
・Business Presentation ・Interactions, Institutions, and Economic Development ・Macroeconomics and Policy Analysis
・Cost Benefit Analysis ・International Economic Systems and Order ・Monetary Economics and Policy Analysis
・Cross-sectional and Panel Data Analysis ・International Finance ・Monetary Policy in Developing Countries
・Environmental and Health Economics ・Issues in African Development ・Policy Evaluation
・Evolving Development Paradigms and Changing Operational Strategies of Development Organizations ・Japanese Corporate Finance and Financial System ・Public Finance
・Financial System and Financial Regulation ・Japanese International Development Cooperation ・Public Finance and Budgeting
・Global Market Seminar ・Japanese Public Finance and Administration ・Research Methods
・Japan’s Education System ・Time Series Analysis

Notes: In addition to these  elective courses, students can choose other courses provided by other programs as electives.
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