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English Language Program

English Language Program

The English Language Program (ELP) offers three types of language training programs for academic and professional purposes.

Academic English Program
IUJ students can take a variety of English-language courses as a part of their graduate studies in IUJ’s degree programs. The Academic English courses provide first-year students with the necessary foundation in academic writing to succeed in their graduate studies. Second-year students can take the English for Thesis Writing courses to prepare for writing their MA thesis.
Intensive English Program
This eight-week program, which runs from mid-July to mid-September, is offered to incoming IUJ students and non-IUJ professionals. The Intensive English Program (IEP) provides 23 hours of classes (focusing on academic writing, reading, listening/note-taking, discussion, and oral presentation skills), and requires about 30 hours of homework per week. Participants will be able to study alongside and interact with international students, and thereby work on their cross-cultural communication skills. There is also a full calendar of social and sporting activities, all of which combine to make the IEP a complete international English experience.
Non-Degree Programs

The ELP also offers intensive, 5-day programs to non-IUJ corporate employees at various times during the year. During these short non-degree programs (NDPs), participants take Business Communication, Presentations, Cross-Cultural Communication, Socializing, and Organizational Behavior classes to meet their professional English needs. In addition, the ELP offers the Teacher Education Program (TEP) to Niigata-based Japanese educators of English. In this NDP, participants take part in workshops run by experts to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge of English language education. Participants in both types of the above NDPs have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culturally-diverse environment of IUJ and interact with students from all over the world.