International University of Japan / CENTER for LANGUAGE EDUCATION and RESEARCH



Teacher Education Program(TEP)

ELP has made considerable efforts to contribute towards the professional development of English teachers at elementary, junior high, and high schools in Niigata. These efforts began in 1995 through workshop series offered every year. Beginning in 2007, ELP began formally offering its Teacher Education Program in collaboration with the Niigata Board of Education. During the summer intensive English Program, two workshop sessions are conducted for the TEP participants. These workshop sessions are also open to any English teachers at junior high and high schools who may wish to participate in these sessions. In addition, the winter TEP (consisting of one-day workshop sessions) is offered to elementary, junior high, and high school teachers of English without any sponsorship or financial payment. During the workshop sessions, ELP also creates opportunities for these English teachers to interact with ELP faculty and IUJ students through social activities (lunch and dinner parties). These social activities take place in an English-only, cross-cultural environment, thus greatly enriching the experiences of participating teachers.