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About Us

About Us

As a contribution to the development of the International University of Japan, the Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR) was established in April 2014 with the aim to offer high quality foreign language teaching and education for students who aspire to play a leading role in the world.
In view of our university mission to nurture future leaders, who will be involved in providing practical solutions to global problems, it is essential for our students to cultivate their communication skills where overcoming the language barrier is a prerequisite. Subsequently, in order to enhance the high quality of our foreign language education, CLEAR is committed to designing and organizing language courses and programs by continuously creating improved curricula and teaching materials.
CLEAR currently consists of the English Language Program (ELP) and the Japanese Language Program (JLP). Both Language Programs provide practical language training to students for their current and future academic and professional careers, particularly in skills such as research paper writing, oral presentations, and group discussions. CLEAR also provides language training to non-IUJ professionals during the summer and at other specific times during the year. Finally, the faculty of CLEAR engage in theoretical and instructional research to further the knowledge and goals of their respective fields.

Akihiro Takeuchi

English Language Program

ELP Program Coordinator
Daniel Parsons

Japanese Language Program

JLP Program Coordinator
Sayaka Kurashina