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English Language Program

Non-Degree Programs

Corporate Training Programs

With an emphasis on English language development, the English Language Program (ELP) of CLEAR offers short training to staff of corporations. In recent years, one-week courses focusing on Presentations, Business Communication, Cross-cultural Understanding and Socializing have been offered by the ELP. These language programs are supplemented by workshops and lectures on such subjects like Organizational Behavior, Team Management, and Motivation which are conducted by leading experts in these fields. These courses have been undertaken by members of major Japanese organizations and universities, and the programs can be customized to meet the needs of potential clients. Inquiries about these courses are most welcome.

Teacher Education Program (TEP)

The English Language Program (ELP) of the Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR) has made significant efforts over the years to contribute towards the professional development of the English language teachers of junior high school and high schools in Niigata Prefecture. The ELP faculty began offering a series of teacher training workshops for these English teachers in 1995 on a voluntary basis. The series continued every year. In 2007, as a result of collaboration between the International University of Japan and the Niigata Board of Education, ELP began offering its Teacher Education Program (TEP) for English teachers sponsored by the Board.
Currently, TEP is offered to English teachers sponsored by the Board during summer and fall.

In summer, a small group of junior and/or senior high school English teachers join IUJ’s summer intensive program for 4-6 weeks, offered on the campus of the International University of Japan. During this program, these teachers take (1) English language courses with other groups of participants, (2) a customized English Language Teaching course, and (3) two teacher training workshops.
By participating in the summer TEP as part of IUJ’s summer intensive programs, these English teachers:
• Further develop their communication skills in English;
• Learn about some latest concepts in English language teaching;
• Apply and reflect on what they have learned in their summer TEP to their own English language teaching in their schools.
During the summer program, TEP participants get ample opportunities to interact, inside and outside their classes, with other groups of participants from different countries and different academic and professional backgrounds. The English-only, cross-cultural, and residential campus environment that IUJ offers in its summer intensive programs greatly enriches the experiences of the English teachers.
Following their summer program at IUJ, the TEP participants return to their English language teaching at their schools, apply some of the ideas and methods learned in their classes and workshops at IUJ, and write reflection reports twice. These reports are reviewed and commented on by theirs summer TEP instructor(s)

ELP also offers workshop series twice in November to two different and larger groups of English teachers sponsored by the Board. They come to the IUJ campus for two days to participate in a series of interactive workshop sessions, observe IUJ’s English language class, and socially interact with IUJ students from different countries in an English-only cross-cultural environment. Following these workshops, they apply some concepts and methods they learn in their own English language teaching in their schools and write reflections reports once. These reports are reviewed and commented on by the workshop presenters.

During winter (late February or early March) ELP organizes workshop sessions for one day for junior high school and English teachers in Niigata-ken. These workshops are open to all the English teachers who participated in summer TEP or November TEP at IUJ, and also those teachers who may wish to join these workshop sessions (including any ALTs). In addition, ELP organizes one-day workshop sessions for English teachers of elementary schools. English teachers can participate in these workshops without any sponsorship or financial payment.