JLP publishes "Gantbatte Shadowing"

Japanese education application named “Ganbatte Shadowing” has been created by the Japanese Language Program of the Center for Language Education and Research.

Shadowing is a language learning practice whereby a learner listens to the speaker and tries to reproduce the speaker’s utterance with a slight delay, or by repeating the utterances in the pause between the speaker’s utterances.

Originally developed as a method of simultaneous translation, shadowing is said to improve not only pronunciation but also listening comprehension and speaking. In essence, the learner“shadows”the speaker, just as a shadow of a person cast by the sun follows directly behind the person.

It has been released through the App Store, and you can download it for free at the following URL.

We created this application as part of IUJ’s Top Global University Project efforts, and would like to spread it throughout the world.

We hope it will be a good tool for you to improve your basic Japanese language skills.

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