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Privacy Policy - Ganbatte Shadowing

Ganbatte Shadowing Development Team at the International University of Japan (hereinafter referred to as “we”) complies with the following basic principles in dealing with various types of users’ information handled in the Ganbatte Shadowing application (hereinafter referred to as the Application) developed by us. By using the Application, users will be deemed to have agreed to this statement.

Definition of personal information

We define the following information as personal information.

  • -Information on live individuals as specified by the laws relating to the protection of personal information (name, date of birth and other information used to identify the specific individuals)

  • -Information that is linked to the specific individuals (email address, user ID, password, credit card information, etc.)

  • -Personal information properties combined with the information described above.

Information collected

The Application acquires the following information and sends it to the server managed by the International University of Japan.

(1)When logged in with our student ID

  • -Student ID

  • -Function used, when it was used, task performance option

  • -When the attempted task was done

  • -Voice data and comments submitted for the task

(2)When logged in without our student ID

  • -Function used, when it was used, task performance option

Use of Collected Information

The information in the server collected by the Application is used to improve the quality of the service and is utilized in studies on Japanese language education.

Information Management

We take appropriate measures to prevent the information in the server collected by the Application from unauthorized access, leakage, loss, and alteration. In addition, we continue to review the measures to protect the information.
Upon the completion of the study using the Application, we will transfer the data in the server to local storage and discard all the data in the server. We will appropriately control the data in the local storage under the same tight security.

User Information Acquired from the Source Other than the Application

The personal information protection policies of the International University of Japan will be applied to the users’ information (e.g. email address) acquired from the source other than the Application, for example, through users’ inquiries.
The information acquired from the source other than the Application will be managed separately from the information acquired from the Application. Such information will never be linked together.

Compliance with the Laws and Regulations and Revision of Policies

We will comply with the applicable laws and regulations and other rules concerning personal information. We will review, when necessary, the content of the policies for further improvement.

For inquiries regarding the privacy policies, please contact us at:
Office of Top Global University Project at International University of Japan
777 Kokusai-cho, Minami Uonuma-shi, Niigata, 949-7277, JAPAN
E-mail Address:

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