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Francisco Campoy Quintela

Graduated from MBA Program

After majoring in industrial engineering in Bolivia, I worked as a plant's production manager. Bolivia is a developing country with abundant natural resources. Japan is the opposite. So the idea was to study in Japan and then apply in Bolivia what I learned. After all, Japan is the home of industrial engineering.
IUJ caught my eye because of the multicultural ambience, the curriculum geared to globalization, and the programs offered in English. What makes IUJ so special is that it offers students the best of Japan plus the best of the world. Programs incorporate the Japanese experience, but are enriched with a global perspective too, making what you learn relevant and applicable anywhere in the world.
IUJ is a great place to network with capable people from around the world and IUJ’s careers advice service is very helpful: it gave me the opportunity to intern at three Japanese companies in my first year and get an attractive job offer before graduating. IUJ’s Japanese program helped me greatly improve my Japanese and prepare for interviews. I now work for a consulting firm where my clients are foreign companies that want to crack the Japanese market and Japanese firms heading overseas.
In my free time, I mostly took part with my family in activities with the local community, which is very friendly and frequently organizes events to interact with foreign students, including rice harvesting, snow festivals, and visits to onsen (hot springs) among many others.
I would definitely recommend IUJ to anyone wishing to study in Japan. You will not only get a great education, but also experience the best of Japan while taking a big stride toward becoming a business professional ready for the world.