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IUJ encourages openness to new people and new ideas


Malika Ramazanova

Second year student of MBA Program

After studying accounting and finance at university in Kazakhstan, I spent three years there with E&Y working on audit and assurance. I wanted to deepen my knowledge of other aspects of business besides accounting and finance.
Anime, manga, and wide reading sparked my interest in Japan as a youngster. And as I grew up, I aspired to become a business professional on the global stage. Since the economic center of gravity is shifting to Asia and Japan is a highly developed Asian country, I believed a business education in Japan would be particularly valuable. IUJ is one of Japan's foremost business schools, offering a stimulating multicultural and multinational experience. The MBA program is everything you would expect from an excellent business school. And I have had the opportunity to travel widely in Japan, getting to know this fascinating country. I find IUJ's multicultural atmosphere very attractive. It encourages openness to new people and new ideas.
The modest scale of the IUJ community makes it easy to form enduring friendships with fellow students from around the world. Those links are bound to be useful in one’s career. For people who want to learn, form fruitful friendships, encounter different cultures and explore Japan, I highly recommend IUJ.
I am now writing my master's thesis on why a Japanese convenience store chain’s deployment of its business model in Kazakhstan proved to be unsuccessful.