Circulation Policies

Loan Periods

Material TypeUser TypeNumber of itemsLength of LoanOverdue fineReservationExtension
Book /Disc for BookFaculty/Staff30One Term50 yen/day/itemOK (through Online Catalog) when the status is ON LOANOK (through MyLibrary-user record) – Only once
Students304 weeks50 yen/day/item||||
Course ReserveFaculty/Students/Staff51 day* (Some items are 3-Hour or Photocopy only)1000 yen/day/itemSame as bookAvailable at the counter
(see footnote)
Faculty/Students/Staff51 day* (Basement journals before 2003 can be kept for 1 week).100 yen/day/itemSame as bookAvailable at the counter
101 day
(upon request)
1000 yen/day/itemNoGenerally available at the counter (Lib office)

*1 Day means “1 night 2 days”(If you borrow a course reserve on Jan.6, due will be Jan.7 closing time.

** Disk for Reference, Journal, Bound Journal, Thesis/Research Report, Headphone, Manual, Lan Cable


You are required to show your ID card to check out any item from the library . All items must be brought to the Circulation Desk to be checked out.


  • Return checked out items to the circulation desk or to the Book Post just outside the entrance to MLIC when the library is closed. However, 1 Day loan items such as Course Reserve, Journal, Thesis, Reference, CDROM for Reference, ILL etc must be brought to the Cirulation Desk.
  • Please DO NOT use the Book Post for AV materials, equipments, overdue items, and 1 Day loan items (on the day of due-date).
  • Please return library books used within the library to the book trucks . Please DO NOT return them to the shelves on your own.


  • If you want to extend the loan period for the item you have borrowed, bring it to the Circulation Desk.. If no one else has reserved it, you may renew it.
  • Telephone renewal is NOT accepted.
  • If the item you want to renew is overdue, you must return the overdue item first before it can be renewed.
  • If another user requests an item you have renewed, you must return it to MLIC within one week after the recall notice is sent to you.


  • Borrowed books may be recalled at any time if it is needed for course reserve.
  • During the initial 4-week loan period, the loaned books are not subject to recall except for the reserve needs stated above. However books recalled for course reserve will be subject to the “ Overdue Fines for Course Reserve Items” schedule.
  • If another student requests the book you have renewed, you must return it to MLIC within one week after the recall notice is sent to you. Items recalled by another user will be subject to the ” Overdue Fines of Regular Circulation Items ” schedule.


  • You may reserve the library item currently “on-loan” though the MLIC Book Catalog. When the item becomes available, we will send you a notice, and the reserved item will be held at the Circulation Desk for 1 day for Course Reserve, 2 days for General Books . If you have any overdue itemyour reservation will not be accepted until the overdue item is returned.

Overdue Fines

  • Overdue Fines for general books (CDs): 50 yen per day.
    These overdue fines are assessed from the first day past the due date. There is no grace period.
  • Overdue Fines for Course Reserve Items: 1000 yen per day.
  • Overdue Fines for Journals, IUJ Theses, Reference Books, CDROMs, Headphones, LAN Cables, etc: 100 yen per day.
  • Your borrowing privilege will be suspended until the overdue item(s) are returned.

Lost/Damaged Book Policies

  • In case you lost or damaged to the items you borrowed from MLIC, you have two options to take:
    1. Bring the replacement copy by yourself within one month (30days) from the day you report MLIC the loss, or the damage, and pay its overdue fine for the period from the original due date plus 2500 yen per item; 50% of the library processing cost.
    2. Pay the amount of the replacement copy and shipping, plus 5,000 yen (cost of library processing).
  • If the replacement copy is not available due to out-of-print or some other reasons, “original price x 3” plus 5,000 yen (cost of library processing) will be charged>