IR Course Offerings 2020 Spring

- Course ID Course Name Instructor
1 ADC5002 Research Methodology Shinohara, Shugo
2 ADC5004 Survey Data and Factor Analysis Park, Hun Myoung
3 ADC5008 Introduction to Policy Modeling Park, Hun Myoung
4 ADC5017 Capital Budgeting and Debt Management Shinohara, Shugo
5 ADC5019 Policy Evaluation Jinnai, Yusuke
6 ADC5021 Case Study Method MAURYA, DAYASHANKAR
7 ADC5030 Introduction to Electronic Government Park, Hun Myoung
8 ADC5105 Financial System and Financial Regulation Ariyoshi, Akira
9 ADC5110 Monetary Policy in Developing Countries Lin, Ching-Yang
10 ADC5375 Comparative Government and Politics Macikenaite, Vida
11 ADC5378 Political Institutions and Governance Yamada, Kyohei
12 ADC5400 Development Cooperation in the 21st Century: MDGs, SDGs, and beyond Kato, Hiroshi
13 ADC5422 Environment, Sustainable Development, and Human Security Watanabe, Shinichi
14 ADC5442 International Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding Kumagai, Naoko
15 ADC6015 Cross-cultural Communication Ahmed, Mohammed Khurshid
16 ADC6515 Cross-Sectional and Panel Data Analysis Wong, Chun Yee
17 ADC6526 Time Series Analysis Huang, Chien-Yu
18 ADC6548 Development Policy系 Usui, Norio
19 ADC6567 Macroeconomic Modeling and Forecasting Cooray, Nawalage Seneviratne
20 ADC6648 Energy Policy Arima, Jun
21 ADC6765 Cost Benefit Analysis Tang, Cheng-Tao
22 ADC6929 Contemporary International Security Issues: National and Human Yamaguchi, Noboru
23 ADC7010 Inequality and Poverty: Measurement and Applications Akita, Takahiro
24 DCC5270 Development Economics Goto, Hideaki
25 DCC5285 International Trade Kane, Robert F
26 DCC5360 Public Administration Shinohara, Shugo
27 DCC5370 Public Finance and Budgeting Lim, Seunghoo
28 JDP5021 Japanese National Security Policy Yamaguchi, Noboru
29 JDP5111 Postwar Japanese Economy up to the 1980s Nakamura, Osamu
30 JDP5120 International Political Economy Surrounding Japan Shinoda, Tomohito
31 JDP5121 International Political Economy and Japan's Development Path Shinoda, Tomohito
32 LGC4030 Academic English Ⅲ Mondejar, Michael
33 LGC4080 English for Professional Communications Ⅱ Mondejar, Michael
34 LGC4103 Elementary Japanese Ⅲ Kurashina, Sayaka
35 LGC410C Basic Japanese Ⅲ Takeuchi, Akihiro
36 LGC410F Basic Japanese Ⅵ Kurashina, Sayaka
37 LGC4113 Intermediate Japanese Ⅲ Nagai, Ayako
38 LGC4123 Advanced Japanese Ⅲ Takeuchi, Akihiro
39 PHDC340 Advanced Public Policy Process Lim, Seunghoo
40 PHDC460 Advanced Studies in Human Rights and Global Justice Saji, Motohide
41 PHDD100 PhD Dissertation
42 REC5525 International Relations in Southeast Asia Myoe, Maung Aung
43 REC5625 Contemporary Japanese Economy Nakamura, Osamu
44 REC5628 Social Issues in Contemporary Japan: Modern and Postmodern Saji, Motohide
45 REC6436 Issues in African Development: A Historical and Comparative Review Kato, Hiroshi
46 SEM8010 Advanced Seminar Ⅰ Watanabe, Shinichi
Nakamura, Osamu
Shinoda, Tomohito
Cooray, Nawalage Seneviratne
Saji, Motohide
Myoe, Maung Aung
Lin, Ching-Yang
Park, Hun Myoung
Yamada, Kyohei
Jinnai, Yusuke
Goto, Hideaki
Yamaguchi, Noboru
Lim, Seunghoo
Tang, Cheng-Tao
Ariyoshi, Akira
Kane, Robert F
Wong, Chun Yee
Shinohara, Shugo
Huang, Chien-Yu
Kato, Hiroshi
Usui, Norio
Macikenaite, Vida
47 SEM8030 Advanced Seminar Ⅲ Nakamura, Osamu
Shinoda, Tomohito
Yamada, Kyohei
Tang, Cheng-Tao
48 TRE8020 MA Thesis