IM Course Offerings 2020 Winter

- Course ID Course Name Instructor
1 ACT4100 Financial Statement and Business Analysis Lee, Hyunkoo
2 FIN1010 Corporate Finance Chuang, Hongwei
3 FIN4080 Portfolio Management Chow, Yuen Leng
4 FIN4430 Practice in Financial Research Hiraki, Takato
5 ITC4130 Digital Business Transformation Aung, Zaw Zaw
6 JDP4090 Japanese Style Management and Corporate Governance Lee, Hyunkoo
7 JDP4100 Japanese Corporate Finance and Financial System Hiraki, Takato
8 JDP4110 Development of Japanese Industries Itami, Hiroyuki
9 MGT1000 International Management Zhang Zhang, Yingying
10 MGT1010 Organizational Behavior Hirose, Shinichi
11 MGT1280 Corporate Social Responsibility Yokose, Tsutomu
12 MGT4460 Innovation and New Business Creation Wakayama, Toshihiro
13 MGT4490 Negotiation Strategy Yokose, Tsutomu
14 MGT4650 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development Magnier-Watanabe, Remy
15 MGT4660 Doing Business in India Varma, Arup
GSIM Faculty
16 MGT4670 Human Resources in the Digital Age Varma, Arup
GSIM Faculty
17 MKG4250 Marketing Intelligence Comai, Alessandro
18 MKG4270 Marketing Research Akareem, Husain Salilul
GSIM Faculty
19 MKG4330 International Marketing & Business Simulation Tena Millan, Joaquin Maria
20 OPR4140 Project Management Naito, Yuichi
21 OPR4160 Operations Management Li, Wenkai
22 QIS4140 IT Strategy and Policy Planning Rajasekera, Jay R.
23 SEM6020 Advanced Seminar Ⅱ Hiraki, Takato
Wakayama, Toshihiro
Lee, Hyunkoo
Aung, Zaw Zaw
Li, Wenkai
Hirose, Shinichi
Zhang Zhang, Yingying
Comai, Alessandro
Yokose, Tsutomu
Chuang, Hongwei
Chow, Yuen Leng
Akareem, Husain Salilul