About the Library

Matsushita Library & Information Center (MLIC) primarily serves the instructional and research needs of IUJ students, faculty, and staff. Current MLIC holdings total over 100,000 volumes, with a  growing part of the collection available in electronic formats.

The main library collection is located on the second floor of the MLIC building. The collection generally reflects and is strongest in the areas of the International University of Japan’s (IUJ) academic programs. Broad subject areas covered by our collection include international relations, international development, public administration, political science, area studies, economics, business administration, and finance and accounting. Other related areas, such as language, philosophy, statistics, and communications, also make up part of the collection.

In addition to the main collection, the MLIC houses an extensive Special Collection* of books written in Arabic and Persian languages, originally compiled by the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies at IUJ. This is one of the few collections of its kind in Japan, including English language materials, which the MLIC maintains.

Free and easy access to tens of thousands of current journals, as well as to principal world economic statistics and data, is available through the MLIC’s various eResources.  The MLIC also subscribes to leading financial data and market research services, which enable students to access real-time information on business and market movements.

Various library services are available to users online, including Reference services, Book reservations, Book purchase requests, and Inter-Library Loan requests. On-site services include reference assistance; printing and copying equipment; and approximately 80 study carrels, many of which are equipped with power outlets and LAN facilities in addition to the wireless access available throughout campus.

This advanced, user-oriented information center is open from 8:30 to 24:00 and maintained, developed, and continually upgraded by full-time, experienced library and computing staff.


*Special Collection details:  The collection began under the auspices of Sohei Nakayama, the founder of IUJ, and consists of a wide range of materials related to Islamic culture and society. It contains basic reference books for religious studies, such as various versions of commentary on the Qur’an and collections of the Hadith, as well as historical documents on the early and medieval Islamic world and many books of Jurisprudence, especially of the Hanafi School and a rich collection of Fatwa. The collection also includes a variety of books in categories other than those mentioned above that are important and useful for both broad and nuanced understanding of complex socio-cultural aspects of the Islamic tradition.