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English Language Program

Summer Intensive Program

IEP 2019 Faculty Profiles

The ELP's summer IEP considerably relies on hiring visiting faculty members. These visiting faculty members are highly qualified and experienced to teach English language courses to university-level students and professional groups. They come from overseas and within Japan. ELP's full-time faculty members are responsible for curriculum development and materials preparation for all the summer IEP courses before the program begins, and course coordination work during the program. They are also responsible for recruiting visiting faculty members. One of the full-time faculty members serves as the IEP Director. All the full-time faculty members also teach courses along with the visiting faculty during the summer IEP.

Fulltime Faculty

Anthony Crooks
Anthony (Tony) Crooks was born in Melbourne, Australia. He holds a B.Ed., Grad. Dip. TESOL, MA TESOL, and is currently pursuing his doctorate in Education through Deakin University in Australia, in which he is exploring the professional identity of native speaker teachers of English in Japan. He has taught ESL in his home country at institutions including Swinburne University of Technology, and has also been involved in EFL in Thailand, South Korea, and, for the past ten years, Japan. He has recently joined IUJ, previously having worked in Sendai in the Sendai Board of Education and then later Miyagi University of Education. In his spare time, he enjoys computing, music and movies, and traveling.

Russell Mayne
Russell Mayne is from Leicester in the UK. He has taught for 20 years in Japan, Taiwan, China and the UK. He has a Cambridge DELTA and an MA in applied linguistics/TESOL. His research interests are meta-research, testing and assessment, teacher education and beliefs and best practice in language teaching. He has been an invited speaker at TOSCON, NATECLA, ResearchED, IATEFL (online) and ELT Ireland and has written for ELGazette, IRAL, Pearson and MET, among others.

Michael Mondejar
Michael Mondejar is from the state of Michigan in the United States. He has been living in Japan since 2002, first as a researcher at a Japanese pharmaceutical firm and then as an EFL instructor at private language schools, corporations, and universities. He completed his MA in TESOL at Teachers College Columbia University in February 2012 and joined IUJ in April 2012. His research interests include computer-assisted language learning (CALL), cooperative learning, foreign language policy, second language assessment, and second language immersion. In his spare time, he likes to go hiking and jogging, read, and be a social butterfly.

Daniel Parsons
Daniel Parsons was born in the UK and holds a MSci in Physics, PG.Cert. TEAP and MEd (Applied Linguistics). He came to Japan in 2004 in pursuit of new adventures and became passionate about teaching. After living on a tiny island working at a kindergarten, elementary school and junior high school, he moved to Hiroshima to work in private language schools, and then to Hyogo to work at Kwansei Gakuin University. He moved to IUJ in April 2017. His research interests are in online materials development, utilizing corpora, and the relationship between teaching methodologies and formative assessment. Daniel enjoys playing classical guitar to his daughter, though he is not sure that she is so keen.

Richard Smith
Richard Smith grew up in London but left the UK twenty years ago in search of a career as a language teacher. He obtained an MA in Social and Political Science from Cambridge University and worked for a period in London as a sociological field researcher before changing his career track. He joined IUJ in 1990 after spending several years teaching company courses in Tokyo. His current research interests are productive vocabulary knowledge development and the impact of World Englishes on international English instruction. In his spare time, he would like to walk in the mountains, watch movies, and go cycling, and during the IEP he actually does some of these things.

2019 IEP Visting Faculty Profiles

Rachel Drummond
Visiting OCSALS Instructor (IEP Phases 1 & 2)

Rachel Drummond was born and raised in the state of Oregon in the United States. She studied Spanish as an undergraduate and completed her M.Ed. in Education with emphases in teaching ESL and Spanish at the University of Oregon. For twelve years, she taught ESL at the University of Oregon and her EFL teaching experience comes from Japan. Her professional interest areas include educational technology as it applies to TESOL, ESL/EFL teacher training, and materials development. In her free time, Rachel enjoys practicing Ashtanga yoga, running, dancing, studying languages, traveling, and enjoying the outdoors.

Ronald Fuentes
Visiting OCSALS Instructor (IEP Phase 1) and Business Communciation Skills Instructor (IEP Phase 2)

Ronald Fuentes was born in Toronto, Canada, and received his Ph.D. in English Language & Rhetoric from the University of Washington. He is Assistant Professor of TESL and Linguistics at the University of Memphis. His research interests include language policy in education, bilingual education, and language and identity. Ronald is particularly interested in how different social, political, and educational decisions position individuals in multilingual and multicultural learning environments. In his spare time, Ronald enjoys cooking, running, cycling, and spending time in the outdoors.

Colin Hueston
Visiting Coordinator and Instructor of Business Communication Skills (IEP Phase 2) and Text Skills Instructor (IEP Phase 1)

Colin Hueston was born in New York City and spent most of his life in the New York City metropolitan area. He went to Rutgers University in New Jersey for his undergraduate degree (a double major in business and Japanese), and he received his M. Ed. in Language Education from the same university. He has been living in Colorado for the past few years, and has recently completed his PhD in Education and Human Development, with a focus in language acquisition and bilingual education at the University of Colorado in Denver. Colin has taught in several university English programs in the US and taught as a licensed teacher in an elementary and junior high school in the Japanese public school system. He enjoys kung fu, all types of Asian food, singing karaoke, and watching movies. He is fluent in Japanese and knows Chinese.

Gretchen Jude
Visiting Assistant Coordinator and Intructor of Text Skills (IEP Phase 1)

Gretchen Jude was born and raised in Boise, Idaho, USA. At 17, she moved to Philadelphia to attend Bryn Mawr College, then returned to her hometown to study TESOL at Boise State University. Soon after receiving her M.A., Gretchen moved to Tokyo, where she lived for eight years, teaching at Asia University, Tokyo Metropolitan University and Tsuda College. In 2005, she returned to Boise to teach ESL, write for the local weekly newspaper, and pursue her interests in music and theater. Gretchen currently lives in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. She loves to hike, swim, cook and watch classic Japanese films.

Amy Loewen
Visiting OCSALS Instructor (IEP Phase 1)

Amy Loewen was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, where she studied Psychology, Anthropology, and classical Western and Indian music. She started her teaching career in Japan, where she lived for 2 years teaching over 12,000 junior high students across Kanazawa, as well as studying judo and performing in an all-female taiko troupe. After returning to North America, Amy designed and managed museum exhibits in Honolulu and San Francisco, coordinated educational tours to Asia, and delivered lectures on cruise ships in Japan before following her passion for teaching and receiving her Masters in TESOL. Amy now lives in San Francisco and teaches ESL at Laney College and UC Berkeley Extension. She loves to share her enthusiasm for travel, culture, and education, and is particularly interested in social justice issues as well as the interplay between language, thought, and behavior. When she's not teaching, she enjoys cooking, biking the hills of San Francisco, and learning about the natural world.

Jeremy Sanders
Visiting OCSALS Instructor (IEP Phases 1 & 2)

Jeremy Sanders comes from the village of Castle Combe in the west of England. He started his academic career as a research chemist and has a PhD in inorganic chemistry. When suitable jobs in this field proved scarce, he decided to develop his language interests by training as an English-language teacher, and went on to gain a Cambridge University DELTA and an MA in linguistics from Durham University. He taught a variety of general English and EAP courses for over 7 years at the Northern University of Malaysia, and more recently has been teaching and developing ESAP and linguistics courses at the University of Bath, UK. His linguistic interests evolve around teaching EAP to business and science students, as well as various aspects of syntax, SLA, and language change. He is a keen naturalist, and in his spare time his pursuits encompass bird-watching, hiking, and the cultivation of orchids and insectivorous plants. He also enjoys swimming and cycling, and learning about Oriental culture.

Baiba Šedriks
Visiting Text Skills and IMF Text Skills Instructor (IEP Phase 1)

Baiba Šedriks, a first generation Latvian-American, grew up in San Antonio, Texas. After earning a B.A. in Spanish and Medieval History, she spent three years teaching on the JET Program in a rural village in Hiroshima-ken where she enjoyed hosting a daily radio broadcast, “Let’s Talk!” Upon her return to the U.S., she facilitated gifted high school students for seven years while earning her first of two master’s degrees. As a Fulbright teaching fellow, she taught ESP at the University of Ibn Zohr in Ouarzazate, the cinema capital of Morocco. A second fellowship in Arabic studies led to her M.A. in TESOL and prompted her current research interest on the interplay of language, culture, gender, and identity. For the past four years, Baiba has taught EAP at the University of KS. She is passionate about creating authentic learning environments that seamlessly incorporate technology. In her free time, she enjoys travelling (25 countries and counting), reading, swimming in the ocean, and spending time with her nieces and nephew.

Yvert de Souza
Visiting IMF Text Skills Coordinator and Instructor (IEP Phase 1), Text Skills Assistant Coordinator (IEP Phase 2), and Text Skills Instructor (IEP Phases 1 & 2)

Yvert de Souza is from a mixed background. Born in Uganda of Goan-Indian parentage, he was raised in London. He has taught in Portugal, the Czech Republic, and the United Kingdom and has taught ESOL, EFL, and EAP. He spent over sixteen years at a further education college in London, where he was an English language teacher and a teacher trainer. He currently works as an examiner for two large examining boards, writes test items for various exams and does writing work for different publishing houses. In addition to the DELTA, Yvert has obtained an MA in English Language Teaching. His main interests are language testing, materials design and lesson observations. He enjoys travelling, playing chess, watching films, and football.

TEP faculty

Specialist visiting faculty members are hired to teach the customized TEP course and conduct workshop sessions during the summer. The fall and the winter workshop sessions are also conducted by specialist faculty members. These faculty members are well-known for their expertise and experience in providing teacher training courses and workshops to English teachers at various school and college levels. Full-time ELP faculty members occasionally take part in conducting workshop sessions.