Requirements to take Japanese courses at IUJ

Students who are interested in taking a Japanese course MUST complete the following application steps.

  1. submit a questionnaire for Japanese courses ONLINE ,
  2. take a 4-day intensive classes (see page 7) if student is a beginner,
  3. take and pass a qualifying test, and
  4. attend an orientation session for Japanese language courses.


  • Due to the constraints of teaching resources, a limitation may be imposed on the number of students each course can take in order to ensure a certain level of effectiveness in classroom learning. In the case of excess demand, priority will be given to regular students over exchange students among those students who have sent the application form in time will be considered first.
  • Every student must take and pass the qualifying test for the course he or she wishes to enroll in. This means that passing the qualifying test for Elementary Japanese 1, for example, does not guarantee that students can automatically take Basic Japanese 1. Anyone who wishes to enroll in Basic Japanese 1 must take and pass the qualifying test for Basic Japanese 1.
  • Students interested in taking any Japanese course, but have not successfully completed the previous course, must take and pass a qualifying test. Even though they have done it, they have to do the same, if there is an interval of one or more terms (or equivalents such as summer break) between the previous course and the one they wish to take.
  • Qualifying tests for the winter and spring terms are given on the first day of each term. Students who will be taking a qualifying test must attend the 1st session of the course as the qualifying test will be given after the class is over.