Keys: Room Keys, Storage Room Keys and Lost Keys

Room keys, storage room keys and Lost keys

You are asked to check in and out of dorm rooms (requesting keys) ONLY between 8:30am and 5:00pm (business Hours). Please go to the Dorm Staff office located at the entrance of SD1-Dorm (Single student dormitory No.1). If arriving after 5:00pm please contact campus so we may alert our Dorm Director for after business hours in support.

If you must check out during non-business hours, obtain the CHECK-OUT FORM during business hours from the Dorm staff office in advance and put room-keys and the FORM (with the actual check-out date in it) into the Dorm staff mailbox in SD1 when you depart.

Storage Use

The Dorm Staff will help you with access to the Storage Rooms ONLY during business hours. Contact them in advance for an appointment.

Lost Keys

If you get locked out of your room or lose your key and cannot get into your room, you may ask for emergency assistance from the Dorm Staff or Dorm Director. They will unlock your room to let you in, after you show your ID card that identifies you. If you need a replacement key, you will need to request one from the Dorm Staff. The Dorm Staff will only issue a replacement key after you identify yourself with your ID card.

Replacing keys carries high fees. So please take extra care not to lose your keys!