Main Features

The JGDP is built on the following ideas:

  1. International students can learn about the logic and lessons (both successes and failures) from experiences in Japan’s economic development and acquire knowledge and skills to consider economic development strategies for their homelands.
  2. Japanese students can develop the ability to explain Japanese logic in English by learning Japan’s history, culture, logic and its lessons of economic development and thus can share messages about Japan to the world.
  3. Students who will work in the international arena in the future can learn about the universal logic of economic development and corporate growth by using Japanese experiences as case materials.

The JGDP is the first master’s program offered jointly by the GSIR and GSIM for global leadership development. Since admission screening is conducted by each school, JGDP applicants apply to either school based on their own specialties.

For JGDP students, there are five concentration areas (“Foreign Policy,” “Economic Policy,” “Development Policy,” “Public Management,” and “Management”), each of which is associated with an existing master’s degree program offered at IUJ:

  • “Foreign Policy” is associated with the International Relations Program
  • “Economic Policy” and “Development Policy” are associated with the International Development Program
  • “Public Management” is associated with the Public Management and Policy Analysis Program
  • “Management” is associated with the MBA Program

Students are required to choose one of the concentration areas.

Students belonging to GSIR can choose their concentration areas, and the following degrees are awarded for the respective concentrations:

Concentration Areas in GSIR Name of Degrees
Foreign Policy MA in International Relations
Economic Policy MA in Economics
Development Policy MA in International Development
Public Management MA in Public Management

Students belonging to the GSIM can select only the “Management” concentration, and are awarded an MBA.