GSIM Events – Special Lectures & Field Trips

Spring Term 2015

As of   June 30, 2015

GSIM Guest Lecture Series Spring Term 2015
Guest Speaker Name/Title Instructor/Course Title of the lecture Date/Time Place Open to
Everyone (Yes / No.)
Mr. Keith Thomas Executive Director
Ernst & Young Tax Co.
Course: International Taxation / Prof. Asakawa
Title: Basic of Transfer Pricing and Recent Development
May 8, 2015
at 15:00
Classroom 103
Mr. Taro Minami
Planning Director of Dentsu Soken Dentsu   Inc.

Course: Brand Management / Prof. Miyabayashi and Prof. Sano

Title: Japan Case Study

May 9, 2015
at 16:20
Classroom 204
Mr. Donald Soo
TX Entrepreneur Partners Angel members
Course: Business Application with iPhone/iOS / Prof. Aung
Title: Constructing and Capturing Value Chains: The desire to purchase,  coupled with the power to do so for demand arising from “need” versus “want” Sponsored by JICA-ABE initiative
May 20, 2015
at 13:00
Mr. Ken Ito Consultant
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

IT Strategy & Policy Planning / Prof. Rajasekera

Title: Development and Dynamism of Silicon Valley Sponsored by JICA-JDS

May 27, 2015
at 14:40
Classroom 102
Mr. Hiroshi Higashide
Director, Corporate Strategy & Planning
Komatsu Southern Africa
Strategic Management / Prof. Wakayama Title: Komatsu Global Strategy
Sponsored by JICA-ABE initiative
June 5, 2015
at 14:40
Classroom 102
Mr. Ryukichi Miyabayashi Cief Account Exective
Dentsu Inc.
Open lecture
Title: Marketing Principle and Practice
June 13, 2015
at 13:00
Classroom 202
Mr. Tomoya Iwasaki
Director, Sales and Marketing
Zoetis Japan
Open lecture
Title: Marketing Principle and Practice
June 20, 2015
at 16:00
Classroom 202
GSIM Field Trips Spring Term 2015
Company Name Instructor/Course Date
Hakkai KK IT Storategy and Policy Planning May 13, 2015
Toyota Motor Corporation IT Storategy and Policy Planning June 7 and 8, 2015