GSIM Events – Special Lectures & Field Trips

Fall Term 2017

As of  January 23, 2018

GSIM Guest Lecture Series Fall Term 2017
Guest Speaker Name/Title Instructor/Course Title of the lecture Date/Time Place Open to
Everyone (Yes / No.)
Mr. Andy Laver
Finance Industry HR Consultant, Next Step
Host: Prof. Wenkai Li
Title: Opportunities & Challenges for IUJ Students to Work in Japan

Sponsored by JICA-ABE Initiative

November 4th, 9:00-12:30, Classroom 202 Yes
Mr. Yuichi Tawara
President, Comm Vault Systems Japan
Host: Prof. Toshiro Wakayama
Title: Growth Strategy of Comm Vault Systems Japan

Sponsored by JICA-ABE Initiative

November24th, 13:00-14:30, Classroom 103 Yes
Mr. Takayuki Nozaki
Senior Director, Business Development, Qualcomm Japan
Course: Mobile Business Strategies / Prof. Ludovico Ciferri
Title: Fueling the future of mobile
November 24th, 13:00-14:30, Classroom 204 Yes
GSIM Field Trips Fall Term 2017
Company Name Course/Instructor Date
Ministry of Telecommunications – Spirals Inc., – J.Walter Thompson Japan Mobile Business Strategies/ Prof.Ciferri November 17th
Several Places Around Urasa Station Web Technologies & E-Business/ Prof.Aung November 19th