Career Service and Alumni Relations

MA in Public Management

Career Counseling and Services (CC&S) at IUJ is aimed at supporting each individual student in their internship and job hunt. Our small campus size ensures individual attention, coaching, and introductions customized to help students prepare for and reach their professional goals be it in international organizations or business fields.

IUJ’s PMPP (Public Management and Policy Analysis Program) is designed to prepare leaders to management large public organizations and effectively use statistics and models to analyze policies and implement improvements. With this goal in mind, IUJ hopes to provide support for those looking for work in major world organizations, governments, and development banks by providing

  1. a suitable internship in these kinds of organizations with the aim of building a network and familiarity with operations and nature of them
  2. provide skills and coaching in application writing and interviews
  3. provide contacts from among the alumni to help with test preparations, introductions, and world-wide networking for career advancements.

We believe that many of the on-going relationships for internships that the other MA students enjoy will be suitable for many PMPP students. Please refer to that IUJ Placement Reports for information on those relationships, and the career pages designated for those programs to get an idea of what awaits you here at IUJ.