MA in Public Management

Special Concentration in Information Systems Management


The Public Management and Policy Analysis Program (PMPP) in the Graduate School of International Relations (GSIR) provides scholars with an American public management and policy curriculum so that they can prepare for successful public managers in the near future. All PMPP faculty members studied in reputable universities in the U.S. and have maintained international standards for research and education.

PMPP has a regular two-year program for M.A. in public management and a special two-year program for M.A. in public management with information systems management concentration (PMPP-ISM). PMPP-ISM is designed for public managers who are (or will be) in charge of information technology and systems in the public sector.

The core information systems courses are (1) Introduction to Electronic Government in the winter term (providing technological building blocks of e-government), (2) Public Management Information Systems in the spring term (addressing databases, system analysis and design, and managerial issues in government information systems), and (3) Public Information Policy and Management in the fall term (discussing political, social, and economic issues of using information systems, such as copyright, digital inequality, privacy, freedom of speech, and civic engagement).

  • Interdisciplinary Program: PMPP emphasizes interdisciplinary nature of public management and policy analysis. As an applied social science, public management (public administration) utilizes knowledge and lessons from political science, management, economics, sociology, psychology, law, etc. to formulate and solve public problems effectively. PMPP is tightly coupled with the International Development Program (IDP) of GSIR; students may take IDP courses and choose an IPD faculty member as his or her supervisor. PMPP even encourages students to take courses of GSIR and the Graduate School of International Management (GSIM).
  • Empirical and Quantitative Approach: PMPP requires all students to study basic mathematics, statistics, econometrics, and microeconomics. Students are required to use spreadsheet software and Stata to analyze data and PHP, MySql, and SQL to develop Web programs and manipulate databases. PMPP also emphasizes empirical studies that analyze managerial and policy problems in government information systems and find practical solutions on the basis of logical and systematic analyses.
  • Multicultural Campus: IUJ is proud of its international and multicultural campus. Students come from over fifty countries with cultural and religious diversity. The majority of students and faculty members live in on-campus apartments and dormitories, facilitating formal and informal interactions among students, faculty members, and administrative staff members.