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MA in International Relations

Many students who enter the IUJ IR program have already embarked on careers in government, business, the media, the academic world and in various other fields. For those seeking employment after graduation, the university provides many services.

Career Counseling and Services (CC&S) is dedicated to advancing students’ professional development. The one-on-one and group counseling services, workshop series, reference library,  and online & network resources are available to all students for the duration of their stay at IUJ. Counselors begin to work with students as soon as they arrive on campus to help them gain the skills needed to compete successfully in the job/internship hunt, and design and implement a strategy that will set their new career in motion.

Career Services staff expect that interested students will take full advantage of the wealth of resources available, including the Career Library collection, and the Alumni Career Advisors Network (A-CAN). Students should prepare for and participate in the workshops, the Resume Book, and in On-Campus Recruiting. Those interested in international organizations should prepare to apply directly online in January and February each year. The ample opportunities for one-on-one assistance, interview practice and career exploration sessions, while optional, should not be missed.

Workshops: Fall term greets new students with a series of Career Workshops to promote skills development, self awareness, and prepare the tools needed in the job hunt. Many workshops are offered during the lunch hour to allow busy students to attend. A few of the workshops are specifically designed for the needs of IR students.

Resume Book: This publication includes the resumes of IUJers seeking an internship or a full-time permanent position. Workshops on resume writing and individual counseling sessions are arranged in September and October. The resume book is sent to companies and organizations both in Japan and overseas in early November. The book is also sent to key alumni and select headhunters. An Online Resume Book is also featured for recruiters to be able to see our students’ updated information at the click of a button.

On-Campus Recruiting: Winter term is IUJ’s focused season of on-campus recruiting, predominantly for businesses. Companies may also come at various times throughout the academic year. The company visit usually includes a lunch-time corporate overview, followed by afternoon interviews. IR program students should consider how they might fit into the corporate world, and explore options through the presentations and corporate interview chances, and special career exploration services.

Other Placement Options: IRP students often have very specific goals that general services cannot match. For those not interested in a career in business, special individual guidance and support is available for the asking. Close contact with the career counselor is encouraged.

A-CAN: Networking is one of the most important parts of a successful job search. We assist in networking through such programs as A-CAN, a growing group of alumni willing and ready to offer students advice on searching for a position in their field or region of the world. IR program students looking into further education (PhD), research positions or world organizations and governments can utilize the experiences of alumni as they plan their career path.

The IUJ Advantage

For ambitious young people with a desire to take up exciting professional careers in Japan or Asia, IUJ is an excellent choice. In Japan, IUJ is perhaps the only graduate school that offers an in-house career services center similar to those found in Western schools. The small size of our campus allows the career staff to customize their services for the special needs of IR students and their unique job hunt. IR students not headed for business careers can receive tailored guidance and direction for their search in the non-business sector in Japan and beyond. Special application critiques are offered to IR candidates to ensure they can present themselves as competitively as possible.

Assisted by IUJ alumni all over the world, IUJ has established its name with major international companies and institutions.

Internship or summer research associate positions are recommended to IR program participants as a way to advance their careers, gain first hand business or non-business sector experience, develop and prove their research skills, and obtain exposure to issues in fields that relate to their IUJ thesis and future careers. Japan-based positions are possible (language requirements may apply) as well as positions overseas. Those seeking opportunities outside of Japan are advised to take extra steps on their own behalf, and seek out additional assistance from the counselors. Special information is provided at Workshops. IUJ helps with Work Permits for those successful in Japan, and visa guidance for those interning outside of Japan.

For those wishing to stay in Japan after their graduation (scholarship permitting) an internship can be key. Japanese language ability is also a very important factor for success. For those looking to the non-business sector a very early start and frequent contact through informational interviews is suggested. Hiring companies take care of immigration/visa matters. IUJ provides guidance.

Careers of Graduates

Government Service The IR Program has attracted the attention of foreign ministries, departments of defense and other government agencies in several countries. Some governments have sent promising young staff to us to complete our MA degree.

Our students have also found employment, independently, in the foreign services of their home countries after graduation. Some of our graduates have risen to very senior positions.

IUJ International Relations graduates can be found in foreign ministries, defense departments, prime ministers’ offices and parliamentary secretariats in a large number of core countries in East, Southeast and Central Asia, in the Indian Subcontinent, in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands, in several European states and in Africa and North and South America.

Local governments, including The Niigata Prefectural Government, have also displayed a continuing interest in our programs, dispatching members of staff and providing avenues of employment for graduates.

Journalism and the Media The IR program has provided a solid foundation for careers in journalism and the media. IUJ International Relations graduates are currently employed in major Japanese newspapers such as the Asahi Shimbun, the Mainichi Shimbun, and the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, in the New China News Agency, Bloomberg, and with academic journals.
The Academic World Universities and Research Institutes Many of our graduates have gone on to complete doctoral degrees in some of the world’s most highly regarded academic institutions, such as Cambridge, Oxford, and Sussex in the United Kingdom, Carlton University in Canada, the Australian National University, Monash, La Trobe, Flinders and the University of Queensland in Australia, Johns Hopkins SAIS, and other institutes in the United States, and in Japan Nagoya, ICU, Hitotsubashi, and Tsukuba universities. A number of these people have now taken up positions in tertiary education and in research institutions in their home countries as well as Japan.
International Organizations Students have also found posts with international organizations such as various United Nations bodies and NGOs concerned with development and humanitarian issues.
The Business World
The business world has also provided many career opportunities for IRP graduates in Japan, throughout Asia and beyond.

Employment & Internship locations for former IUJ students

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Alumni Relations

The family of friends that is formed while students are at IUJ eventually turns into a close-knit and supportive Alumni Association. With a 10-member Executive Committee, the Association organizes an annual meeting and networking event in Tokyo. Alumni chapters worldwide gather once or twice a year for social and networking events, often with an IUJ faculty member or member of staff attending. The Online Alumni Directory ensures that wherever IUJ graduates are in the world, they are just a click away from contacting their classmates and other alumni for professional and social interaction. Newsletters, class mailing lists and online bulletin boards too are used to keep us all in touch across 90 countries.