Coursework Requirements

MA in International Peace Studies (IPS)
* For Class of 2019

Categories Course Titles/ Number of required credits
Core Mandatory Course  Introduction to Japanese History and Culture* (1 credit)
Categories Course Titles/ Number of required credits
Required Courses Core Required Courses History of International Relations

International Politics

4 credits

Advanced Seminars Advanced Seminar I

Advanced Seminar II

Advanced Seminar III

6 credits

Elective Required Courses Changing Security Paradigm: National versus Human

Global Civil Society

Human Rights and Global Justice

International Conflict Resolution

International Organizations

Paradigm of Inter-state Industrial War: Beginning and End

Students must choose courses from the above list.    

10 credit

Electives Recommended Courses

Chinese Foreign Policy

Contemporary Japanese Politics

Diplomacy and Statecraft

Diplomacy in  Theory and Practice: Modern East Asia History

Environment and Human Security

Essentials of Economics

Foreign Policy Analysis

International Economic Systems and Order

International Law

International Migration and Human Security

International Political Economy

International Relations in Eurasia

International Relations in the Middle East

Introduction to Contemporary International Security Issues

Japanese Foreign Policy

History and Culture of Modern Japan

Japanese Public Finance and Administration

Japan’s National Security Policy

Nuclear Issues: Safety and Non-Proliferation

Peace, War and the Development of Modern Japan

Postwar Japanese Economy

Poverty, War and Human Security

Southeast Asian International Relations

UN and Global Governance

From among all the courses offered in GSIR & GSIM, excluding courses offered in Language Programs.   

24 credits

Total number of required credits 44 credits
 * This course does not count towards required credits for graduation.

for individuals who wish to contribute to creating the conditions for peace, enhancing the security of individuals, and eliminating poverty and other institutional impediments for human development in the world.