Career Service and Alumni Relations

MA in International Development

Career Counseling and Services (CC&S) at IUJ is aimed at supporting each individual student in their internship and job hunt. Our small campus size ensures individual attention, coaching, and introductions customized to help students prepare for and reach their professional goals be it in international organizations or business fields.

IUJ’s IDP program is made up of a wide variety of people with even more diverse careers in mind. Career goals span academia, government, diplomacy, development agencies and UN bodies, as well as traditional business roles. Some IDP candidates compete with IUJ’s business students for careers in finance and consulting, others look to development consulting firms, UN agencies or plan for further academics along with our MA candidates in International Relations. The options are open.

Career Planning – Most IUJ students come to campus with clear career objectives. They are using their 2 years on campus to gain needed skills or fine-tune those they already have to launch the professional lives beyond what they could obtain without the IUJ MA. CC&S is designed to support those goals.

For those uncertain of what lies ahead, CC&S helps them to identify various career options with one-on-one counseling, worksheets, guide books, and paper and online assessment evaluations. Those that know what they are aiming at use the available resources to confirm their suitability for the career they seek and take steps to achieve their objectives. Many discover professions they match but had never considered and are given the chance to explore new areas.

IUJ, a professional school, puts your career first. When students arrive on campus for their first Fall term, they are greeted with a series of Career Workshops even before classes begin. Career planning sessions, self-evaluation kits, resume building workshops, one-on-one introductory interviews then Mock Interviews with the career counselor fill up the initial weeks. By mid October, each student registered with Career Services* is armed with a solid resume for the IUJ Resume Books-hard copy and online versions.

The Resume Book is distributed to recruiters interested in IUJ students both in the business and non-profit world. With its distribution, companies and organizations are invited to campus to meet candidates and the selection process begins. The online version, which is password controlled, is announced to recruiters both in Japan and overseas.

Business vs. International Organization Recruiting Process
Those interested in business careers in Japan participate in our on-campus recruiting practices. Applications and interviews take place during Winter Term, and often well into Spring Term. Those seeking opportunities in overseas world organizations and research institutes apply directly to those bodies with the guidance and support of the Career Office. Finding opportunities overseas can be overwhelming and the career counselor can help you get started. Further, our valuable alumni network can serve as a starting point via our special A-CAN program: Alumni Career Advisors Network boasts over 1,000 volunteers world wide, many of whom are in world organizations and are ready to give advice on how to follow in their footsteps.

Opportunities for IDP candidates are very diverse. IDP students are encouraged to look carefully at their values and interests, find what type of career matches, and then to develop a strategy to obtain an appropriate position. The career counselor’s aim is to help the student do just that. Those interested in non-business careers are especially encouraged to work closely on a one-on-one basis with the career counselor as that search requires special skills.

Internships are an opportunity to test and apply newly acquired skills and prepare your credentials and contacts for your employment hunt. Networking is a major benefit. Finding an internship requires early and active participation in campus programming beginning immediately upon your arrival on campus. Busy students must juggle school work with their internship hunt and participation in career services, conduct their own personalize research and watch the career board and online instructions carefully. For those who secure positions in Japan, IUJ will help with Work Permits and special insurance.

Employment After Graduation – We find that most graduates who wish to remain in Japan to start their career* in the business sector are able to find suitable employment with an early start, and close communications with the career counselors. Past work experience, developed professional skills, and Japanese language ability are extremely important factors for success. Hiring companies take care of immigration/visa matters. IUJ provides guidance.
For those looking for employment outside of Japan and in world organizations special services and resources are prepared and introduced early on in the Career Workshop series.

The IUJ Advantage
For ambitious young professionals with a desire to work in Japan or Asia, IUJ is a smart choice. In Japan, IUJ is perhaps the only graduate school that offers an in-house career services center with similar programming to what you find at western schools. IUJ attracts a very diverse group of students, and their career interests are just as diverse. Campus is rich with ideas and experiences.
Assisted by IUJ alumni all over the world, IUJ has established its name with major international companies and institutions. IUJ’s Trustees and Chairmen are Japanese business leaders and actively promote the school. Certain programs, such as the Guest Speaker Series, consulting projects, and on-campus recruitment activities often bring top executives and major world organization representatives to the Urasa campus, and students are encouraged to make the most of these visits.


First Year students Second year students
Fall Term Workshops, resume building, interview practice, subscriptions to online resources Informational interviews for thesis research and job hunting. Online applications to International
Winter Term Campus interviews and independent networking/interviews Job interviews through campus introductions and on your own
Spring Term Accept offers and obtain Working Permission for Japan or visas for overseas positions Take offers and apply for Work Visas
Summer Internship, Japanese language study, professional qualification test preparation, field research Start your new career

Employment & Internship locations for former IUJ students

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*Some IUJ students are not permitted by their scholarship sponsors to register for career support. Please note the conditions under each scholarship. Specifically ADB, JICA and IMF scholars are required to return to their home country after graduation to contribute to that nations’ development. Those sponsored by companies or their governments as well are not eligible to receive intern and job hunting support.

Alumni Relations

The family of friends that are formed while at IUJ turns into a close-knit and supportive Alumni Association. With a 12-member Executive Committee, the Association organizes an annual meeting and networking events in Tokyo. Alumni groups worldwide gather once or twice a year for social and networking opportunities, often with an IUJ faculty member or staff attending. The Online Alumni Directory ensures that wherever IUJ graduates are in the world, they are just a click away from contacting their classmates and other alumni for professional and social interaction. Newsletters, Class e-Mailing lists and online bulletin boards too are used to keep us all in touch across 90 nations.