Courses Offered and Course Requirements

MA in International Development

Course Requirements

Students must at least gain the number of credits in the Required Courses, Elective Required Courses, and Elective Courses for their graduation, as indicated in the following table:

(* Information below is for Class of 2019.)

Required Courses Core Required Courses 18 credits
Advanced Seminars I, II, and III 6 credits
Elective Required Applied Disciplinary Courses at least 12 credits
Regional and Country Courses at least 4 credits
Electives From among all courses at the IUJ including preparatory courses within the GSIR and the courses offered in the GSIM at least 4 credits
Total at least 44 credits


Microeconomics I

Macroeconomics I

Mathematics for Economics and Management (A)

Statistical Methods

Microeconomics II

Macroeconomics II

Research Methodology


Development Economics

Advanced Seminars I, II, and III




(Applied Disciplinary)

Agricultural Economics

Computable General Equilibrium Modling

Corporate Finance

Cost Benefit Analysis

Cross Sectional and Panel Analysis

Development Planning (Multisector Models)

Environmental Economics

Environmental Policy

Financial Accounting and Reporting

Financial Markets and Globalization

Health Economics

Health Policy

Industrial Organization and Public Policy

Inequality and Poverty: Measurement and Applications

International Finance

International Trade

Investment and Asset Pricing

Labor Economics

Macroeconomic Modeling and Forecasting

Macroeconomics and Policy Analysis

Market Structure and Policy Analysis

Monetary Economics and Policy Analysis

Money and Banking

Project Cycle Management

Public Administration

Public Finance

Public Finance and Budgeting

Public Management

Public Policy Process

Public Sector Economics

Quantitative Methods for Decision Making

Time Series Analysis

Urban and Regional Planning

*It is recommended that students chooses Applied Disciplinary courses from the above.
Student can also choose other Applied Disciplinary courses offered by GSIR and GSIM if they are necessary for the research




(Regional and Country)

Development of Japanese Industry and Business

Japanese Energy Policy and Regulations

Japanese Public Finance and Administration

Postwar Japanese Economy

*Students can also choose other Regional and Country courses offerd by GSIR and GSIM.