Degree Requirement for IMBA

Minimum requirements are:

  1. Three terms of enrollment
  2. Acquisition of at least 32 credits
  3. Submission of a master’s thesis or research report
  4. Passing the thesis/research report evaluation and final examination
  5. Acquisition of total GPA of at least 2.5
The intensive MBA (IMBA) program is designed as a full-time, 12 months (three terms and a summer period) are required for completion of the degree.

The courses are divided into 7 categories listed below and students are required to complete a minimum of 32 credits according to each category.

It is highly intensive and demanding program and the students are expected to have good time management skills to accomplish all the degree requirements within the timeframe.

Category Required Credits
(Research Report Option)
Required Credits
(Thesis Option)
Core Required Courses (Basic) 11 11
Capstone Courses 3 3
Core Required Courses (Advanced Seminars)
6 6
Core Elective Courses (Finance & Accounting) 4 4
Core Elective Courses (Marketing) 4 4
Core Elective Courses (Technology & Management) 4 4
Elective Courses 4 0
Required Number of Credits for Graduation 36 32
  1. Students are required to take 6 Basic Courses (11 credits) and 3 Capstone Courses for graduation.
  2. Advanced Seminars are designed for guiding students to develop and complete the graduation research report or thesis. These seminar courses are offered in sequence, starting from Advanced Seminar I (Fall), II (Winter), and III (Spring). For more details about these seminars, please refer to the Research Seminar section.
  3. There are 3 subcategories listed under the “Core Elective” category. Students are required to take at lease 4 credits from each subcategory.
  4. All courses offered by the university, except for IMBA Core Required courses and language courses, can be counted as elective courses. If students obtain more than 12 credits from the courses listed in the “Core Elective” category, the exceed number of credits will be counted in the Elective category.
  5. It is recommended that students evenly distribute their course load over their terms. When this recommendation cannot be followed, a student’s course load must not exceed twelve (12) credits per term nor can a student take less than two (2) credits per term. Credits from Advanced Seminars and language courses are excluded in these maximum/minimum term credit limits.

Schedule for IMBA Program

Fall Term

Oct. – Dec.

Financial Accounting
Strategic Management
Corporate Social Responsibility
Advanced Seminar I
Core Elective Courses
Elective Courses
Winter Term
Jan. – Mar.
International Management
Organizational Behavior
Advanced  Seminar II
Core Elective Courses
Elective Courses
Spring Term
Strategies for Social Disruption
Advanced Seminar III
Core Elective Courses
Elective Courses
Spring (Special) Term
Leadership Bootcamp
Strategy Simulation
International Career Development
Late August Graduation: Master of Business Administration (MBA)