Degree Requirement for Digital Transformation Program

Minimum requirements are:

  1. Three terms of enrollment
  2. Acquisition of at least 32 credits
  3. Submission of a master’s thesis or research report
  4. Passing the thesis/research report evaluation and final examination
  5. Acquisition of total GPA of at least 2.5
The Digital Transformation Program is designed as a full-time, 12 months (three terms and a summer period) are required for completion of the degree.

Students are required to complete a necessary number of credits of core required courses, core elective courses, and elective courses in accordance with the requirements.  Credits will be given to students who have completed all activities related to the assessment specified in the course syllabus and have a final evaluation score of 60 points or above out of 100 or equivalent.

The required number of credits for the master of digital transformation degree is 32 credits.

Category Required Credits
(Research Report Option)
Required Credits
(Thesis Option)
Core Required Courses (Basic) 10 10
Capstone Courses 4 4
Core Required Courses (Advanced Seminars)
6* 6
Core Elective Courses 12 8
Elective Courses 4 4
Required Number of Credits for Graduation 36 32

*In the case of a research report, only 2 credits will be counted to the graduating credit.

  1. Students are required to take 5 Basic Courses (10 credits) and 4 Capstone Courses for graduation.
  2. Advanced Seminars are designed for guiding students to develop and complete the graduation research report or thesis. These seminar courses are offered in sequence, starting from Advanced Seminar I (Fall), II (Winter), and III (Spring). For more details about these seminars, please refer to the Research Seminar section.
  3. There are about 60 courses listed in the “Core Elective” category. Students are required to choose some of the courses from among them and obtain 8-12 credits.
  4.  Students must choose courses from the list of Core Elective courses and obtain at least 8 credits, if he/she opted thesis, or 12 credits, if he/she opted research report. Students can choose any courses from Core Elective Courses. If you obtain more than 8 or 12 credits from the courses listed in the “Core Elective” category, the exceed number of credits will be counted in the Elective category.
  5. It is recommended that students evenly distribute their course load over their terms. When this recommendation cannot be followed, a student’s course load must not exceed twelve (12) credits per term nor can a student take less than two (2) credits per term. Credits from Advanced Seminars and language courses are excluded in these maximum/minimum term credit limits.

Schedule for Digital Transformation Program

Fall Term

Oct. – Dec.

Business Core
Data Analytics for Business
Digital Platform and Digital Business Models
Advanced Seminar I
Core Required Courses
Elective Courses
Winter Term
Jan. – Mar.
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Management for Digital Transformation
Advanced  Seminar II
Core Required Courses
Elective Courses
Spring Term
Advanced Seminar III Core Required Courses
Elective Courses
Spring (Special) Term
World Landscape of the Digital Industry
Ethic and CSR of Digital Business
Leadership Bootcamp
Global Strategy in the Digital Era
Late August Graduation: Master of Digital Transformation