MBA Learning Goals

In line with GSIM’s mission, vision, and values, our flagship MBA program aims at educating business leaders with social responsibility, deep understanding of multicultural awareness, and strong problem solving capabilities. The learning goals of the MBA program and associated learning objectives are described below.


Learning goal 1 (L1): Multicultural Awareness.

Our students will be attentive and skillful in reaching common objectives with people from various international backgrounds.

L1-1 Able to demonstrate the sensitivity to different perspectives and opinions of those from different international backgrounds.
L1-2 Able to identify and articulate common viewpoints among different and possibly conflicting opinions of those from different international backgrounds.
L1-3 Able to acquire skills to communicate with people from diverse international backgrounds.

Learning goal 2 (L2): Social responsibility.

Our students will influence the activities of an individual or group in efforts towards wise and socially responsible decisions.

L2-1 Able to clearly identify the central problem/issue to demonstrate understanding of socially responsible leadership concepts and practices.
L2-3 Demonstrate ability to illustrate key reasons why socially responsible leadership is integrated into mainstream business operations through global value chain.

Learning goal 3 (L3): Leadership.

Students will work with other people effectively and influence them toward achieving an organizational goal.

L3-1 Ability to demonstrate understanding of leadership concepts and practices.
L3-2 Ability to listen well and have empathy with other people.

Learning goal 4 (L4): Problem Solving.

Our students will analyze and understand the inputs in a situation and analyze, assess and use information for the purpose of forming beliefs and choosing the most appropriate solution.

L4-1 Demonstrate ability to formulate/define issues.
L4-2 Demonstrate ability to analyze and compute.
L4-3 Demonstrate ability to interpret concepts and data.
L4-4 Demonstrate ability to evaluate and make choices among alternatives.

Learning goal 5 (L5): Functional Business Knowledge.

Our students from different backgrounds will learn fundamental business knowledge so as to become a successful business managers.

L5-1 Demonstrate understanding of Management knowledge.
L5-2 Demonstrate understanding of Finance knowledge.
L5-3 Demonstrate understanding of IT/OM knowledge.
L5-4 Demonstrate understanding of Marketing knowledge.
L5-5 Demonstrate understanding of Accounting knowledge.