IMBA Learning Goals

The IMBA program follows the same overall philosophy as MBA program, but is of a shorter duration on account of the participants being experienced managers, and because of it, necessarily with fewer required credits. Three out of four learning goals of the IMBA program overlap with those of the MBA program. The IMBA program particularly emphasizes transforming students to general managers and thus allowing them to function effectively in a senior position. The program develops an ability to make strategic decisions based on multi-disciplinary perspectives. The emphasis is on strategic change and implementation, together with change management in dynamic and global environments. The IMBA’s learning goals and associated learning objectives are described below.

Learning goal 1 (L1): Multicultural Awareness.
GSIM students are attentive and skillful in reaching the common objectives with people from various international backgrounds.
L1-1 Able to demonstrate the sensitivity to different perspectives and opinions of those from different international backgrounds.
L1-2 Able to identify and articulate common viewpoints among different and possibly conflicting opinions of those from different international backgrounds.
L1-3 Able to acquire skills to communicate with people from diverse international backgrounds without relying on culturally idiosyncratic expressions.
Learning goal 2 (L2): Social responsibility.
Our students will influence the activities of an individual or group in efforts towards wise and socially responsible decisions.
L2-1 Able to clearly identify the central problem/issue to demonstrate understanding of socially responsible leadership concepts and practices.
L2-2 Be able to outline strategies for socially responsible companies
L2-3 Able to influence the attitudes and behaviors of others to accomplish a socially responsible goal.
Learning goal 3 (L3): Leadership.
Students will work with other people effectively and influence them toward achieving an organizational goal.
L3-1 Ability to demonstrate understanding of leadership concepts and practices.
L3-2 Ability to listen well and have empathy with other people.
Learning goal 6 (L6): Strategic Decision Making.
Our students will assess diverse social and business contexts and make a strategic decision.
L6-1 Ability to apply the concepts of strategic management, recognizing internal and external strategic contexts.
L6-2 Demonstrate ability to gather and interpret data.
L6-3 Demonstrate ability to make a strategic decision under pressure