MBA -Curriculum- Program Structure

The IUJ MBA focuses on “Leveraging Emerging Asia for Global Advantage.” It delivers the knowledge, skills and mindset required to gain a competitive advantage in the world’s fastest-growing economies.  The program is designed to give students a wide range of experience and knowledge suitable for their future careers. There are 1-Year Track and 2-Year Track in the MBA program and they have been designed to offer the highest levels of business management skills within the most appropriate timeframe.

The 2-Year MBA provides both integrative management capabilities and is combined with a specialized area focus.  It has been especially designed for those looking to fast track or change their careers while also gaining stronger language skills.  The 1-Year MBA is focused exclusively on developing integrative management skills for tomorrow’s regional and global business leaders.  It is for those with at least 3 years of work experience with their sponsoring company, and who will return to help their company further globalize.

Students in the 2-Year Track start the MBA program by tackling the essentials of management and running a company with an emphasis on global leadership and the Asian market through taking core required courses.  From the Spring term of their first year, they specialize in their chosen career area by taking elective courses.  In their second year, they have plenty of flexibility to concentrate on the areas of their interest.  They can choose career-enhancing specialization areas from Finance, Management, Marketing, IT/OM/SCM/PM/SE (IT/Operations Mgt./Supply Chain Mgt./Project Mgt./Social Enterprise), if so desired. Japanese language courses offered by our dedicated faculty are highly recommended as a career tool.

Students in the 1-Year Track join a number of common core courses with our 2-Year Track students, and quickly move into electives that focus on building integrative, general management skills.  The 1-Year MBA also requires a series of intensive summer “Capstone” courses to provide practical, integrative management experiences to all participating students.

MBA Program both 1-Year Track and 2-Year Track use case studies, including those in an Asian context.  Within our core courses, group work is emphasized, and each group is comprised of people from diverse cultures to encourage cross-border communication skills, and global team leadership skills.

Thesis/Research Report

Submission of the graduation thesis/research report is one of the requirements for the IUJ MBA degree. Each student produces a unique academic work in a business area of their choice either individually or as a member of a group.  Faculty supervision ensures a high quality output.  This work begins in Spring or Fall term depending on the track in which student enrolls.