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E-Business Management Program will be discontinued and merged into the IMBA in 2019 as an E-business (E-biz) concentration.

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E-Business Learning Goals

E-Biz program is a master’s program specializing on technology management and entrepreneurship. It particularly emphasizes strategic thinking in technology and entrepreneurial context, which is reflected in learning goal 7. The learning goals of E-Biz program and associated learning objectives are described below.

Learning goal 1 (L1): Multicultural Awareness.

Our students will be attentive and skillful in reaching the common objectives with people from various cultural backgrounds.

L1-4 able to demonstrate the sensitivity to different perspectives and opinions of those from different international backgrounds and demonstrate ability to work effectively in internationally diverse teams, including playing leadership roles.

Learning goal 2 (L2): Social responsibility.

Our students will influence the activities of an individual or group in their efforts to reach wise and socially responsible decisions.

L2-4 Ability to understand social responsibilities and connect them in creating social and business values involving technologies.

Learning goal 3 (L3): Leadership.

Students will work with other people effectively and influence them toward achieving an organizational goal.

L3-3 Ability to take a strategic initiative and lead the team to an organizational goal.

Learning goal 7 (L7): Technology and Entrepreneurship Strategic Thinking.

Students of E-Biz will think strategically using IT for enhancing organizational value and/or creating new enterprises.

L7-1 Ability to apply the Internet and IT for creating social or business value.
L7-2 Ability to promote and market new ideas via technology media.
L7-3 Ability to learn technology policies that strategically govern social or business organizations.