E-BIZ Curriculum

Program Structure

The E-Business Management Program is designed as a full-time one-year masters program. It consists of three terms (Fall, Winter, and Spring) plus Summer period of course work (34 credit hours), and completion of a research report or thesis under the supervision of a faculty member for which 1 credit per term is earned.

Degree Requirements

Minimum requirements are:

  1. Three-term residence in principle
  2. A total of at least thirty-eight (38) credits
  3. An acceptable Research Report or Master’s thesis (grade of B+ or better)
  4. Total GPA of at least 3.00

Our Mission


Credit Requirement

The courses are divided into the six categories listed below and students are required to complete a minimum of 38 credits according to each category.

You can also find the program structure HERE.

Category Required Credits
Core Required Courses (Basic) 13
Core Required Courses (Research Seminar)
Core Required Courses (Practicum)  2
Language Core Courses *  0 ~ 3
Core Elective Courses 10
Elective Courses** 9 ~ 6
Required number of credits for graduation 38

*   Language Core Courses (Academic English I, II and III) may be exempted.
** See Item No. 3 below for details.

  1. Students are required to take 7 Basic Courses (13 credits), and if not exempted, 3 (3 credits) of Language Core Courses (Academic English I, II, and III).
  2. A student who is exempted from taking Language Core Courses must substitute 3 credits from Elective Courses.
  3. In addition to the credits from GSIM elective courses, credits earned from the following courses can also be counted in the Elective category:

    a. GSIR courses

    b. Japanese Language courses
    Students who are required to take Language Core courses cannot register for Japanese courses. A maximum of 3 credits taken from language courses can be counted as Electives.
  4. Students are required to take 4 Research Seminar courses. Research Seminars are designed for guiding students to develop and complete the graduation research report or thesis. Seminar courses are offered in sequence, starting from Seminar I (fall), II (winter), III (spring), and IV (Summer). For more details about these seminars, please
    refer to the E-biz Research Seminar section.

  5. It is recommended that the students evenly distribute their course load over each term. When this recommendation cannot be followed, then a student’s course load must not exceed thirteen (13) credits per term nor can a student take less than eight (8) credit per term.

You can also find the program structure HERE.

Schedule for E-Business Management Program

8 weeks
Pre-enrollment Intensive English Program (IEP)
Recommendation for non-native English speakers
Courses teaching general academic English skills
Late Sep. Entrance Ceremony
Pre-Enrollment Program (Preparation course)
Academic Orientation
Fall Term
10 weeks
Required Courses
Foundations of Web Technologies (2 credits)
Financial Accounting (2 credits)
Marketing Management (2 credits)
Research Seminar I (1 credit)
Academic English I*(1 credit)
Other GSIM and GSIR courses including language courses
Winter Term
10 weeks
Required Courses
Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development (2 credits)
Business Ethics (1 credit)
Research Seminar II (1 credit)
Other GSIM and GSIR courses including language courses
Spring Term
Apr.- Jun.
10 weeks
Required Courses
New Product Planning and Development (2 credits)
IT Strategy and Policy Planning (2 credits)
Research Seminar III (1 credit)
Academic English III*(1 credit)
Other GSIM and GSIR courses including language courses
Required Courses
Entrepreneurship Practicum (2 credits)
Research Seminar IV (1 credit)
Research Report or Thesis Completion
End of Aug. Completion of Degree Requirements
(Master of E-Business Management)

*   Academic English I, II and III may be exempted.

** If a student takes more than 10 credits from the Core Elective Courses, the excess credits will be counted in the
    “elective” category.