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E-Business Management Program will be discontinued and merged into the IMBA in 2019 as an E-business (E-biz) concentration.

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E-Business Engineering Laboratory (E-LAB)

The E-Business Engineering Laboratory, fondly called the E-Lab, is the home for students, with high powered web servers, database servers and Desktop PCs at each desk, is constantly kept at the IT forefront by incorporating the very latest technology. Students get maximum flexibility and operational autonomy in experimenting with their projects.

The E-Lab provides both cable and wireless LAN connectivity to students’ personal laptops. With our state of the art virtualization technology network, students can get our E-Lab desktop experience anywhere on campus. The students also are able to develop contents for various mobile and gaming platforms with our specialized gaming servers.

We know that what makes a great computer lab is not merely hardware. The software includes Windows Professional and Linux OS, Macromedia tools, Oracle suite, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Visual Studio, PHP, IIS and Apache Web Servers, and Mobile Commerce software. Our students are experiencing the best use of technology in business management. With our planned and structured approach, experienced students, and industry support, the E-Lab is emerging as an “idea-lab” for our E-Business students and professors to learn how to create value through technology.