Dr. Wenkai Li
Dean and Professor of Graduate School of International Management

Message from the Dean

Opening opportunities for you…

Welcome to the GSIM web site.

How do the curriculum, supporting programs and cultural outreach opportunities that IUJ offers compare to those offered at other institutions in Japan and around the world?
It is our belief that you won’t be able to find any other university that can provide you with such a comprehensive set of global leadership and general management skills and capabilities as IUJ. Let us explain why.

First, our Masters programs (two years and one year versions) offer an outstanding academic environment for individuals who wish to acquire the skills and knowledge to lead a global company. While we are located in Japan, the world’s third largest economy, our campus is only 90 minutes by bullet train from the heart of Tokyo in the beautiful resort region of Niigata; which is a perfect place to study and interact with fellow students, faculty, staff and members of the local community.

Second, the 300+ students, faculty and staff at IUJ create an truly diverse, multinational, multicultural, and multiethnic society. Additionally, the work histories represented within our student body are also quite diverse. While there may be other schools that have 50+ countries represented in their programs and that use English as the main medium of communication, our programs are housed within a campus-based community surrounded by the rich cultural heritage of the Japanese countryside rather than in a major metropolitan city. This immersive campus experience provides our students with the ability to learn how to most effectively work with people from different cultural, historical, and social backgrounds in a way that is not possible anywhere else in the world.

Finally, GSIM students can take courses in IUJ’s Graduate School of International Relations, which offer our business students important opportunities to explore issues related to economics, politics, development and peace studies more deeply. Such courses help GSIM students form broader views on global issues, which will be crucial for working with governments and civil society organizations after their graduation.

In all, the GSIM programs at IUJ provide incomparable opportunities for individuals who truly want to develop the skills, capabilities and sensibilities necessary to become true leaders in their respective fields, countries and organisations. After looking through this web site and other information about IUJ’s Graduate School of International Management, I hope that you will contact us to let us answer your questions, connect you with a member of our alumni in your country or region, or to set up an appointment to visit us here in Niigata.