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Writing a Thesis

This page provides practical guides to writing a thesis and academic English.


First Year Second Year
Fall TermSurveying professorsRefining the research question
Data analysis & writing a draft
Advanced Seminar 2
English Thesis Writing 1
Winter TermSelecting a supervisorFinal draft submission (March)
Advanced Seminar 3
English Thesis Writing 2
Spring Term Research question
Research plan
Advanced Seminar 1 (ch. 1 & 2)
Oral exam (April)
Final draft submission (Early June)
Graduation (Late June)
Summer VacationData collection with a research diary taken

* Research diary is a record of your research.

▒ General Guidelines

▒ Research Question

▒ Sample Outline

In the sample outline below, you may switch chapter 2 and 3 and, if necessary, skip discussion chapter. Also you may change chapter titles as you want. Download the thesis template 2007. MS Word Icon

CHAPTER 1. Introduction

CHAPTER 2. Background

CHAPTER 3. Literature Review

CHAPTER 4. Data & Methods

CHAPTER 5. Analysis and Findings

CHAPTER 6. Discussion

CHAPTER 7. Conclusion

▒ Oral Exam (Presentation)

▒ Citation Styles

▒ Dictionary & Grammar

▒ Writing Resources