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Hun Stamp Basic Rules
  • You should explicitly specify the source of materials you obtained from this Web site. For example, "Source: http://www.sonsoo.org/itis/info/. Accessed on mm/dd/yyyy."
  • No part of the any material in this site may be reproduced, modified, and/or distributed without author's approval.
  • You may take a look at photos and literary work here but may not download them for other purposes.
  • Any document and material may not be commercially used in any circumstance.
  • This Web site follows the standard of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
  • This Web site is content-driven rather than fashion-driven.
  • This Web site seeks simplicity and functionality, excluding showy animation and Flash pieces.
  • Do I have to pay fee? No, it is free.
  • Do I have to register? Prabably not now.
  • Can I upload my files? Probably not now.
  • Can I download files from this Web site? Yes. Keep in mind that all rights are reserved.
  • Which Web browser do you recommend for this Site? This Web site was based on the standard XHTML 1.0 and Cascading Style Sheets. Thus I would use Mozilla's Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • May I ask questions about statistics or others?Yes, you may. Introduce yourself first and then be as specific as possible.
  • Why can't I read some documents? Some documents were written in Korean.
  • How can I contact you? Please email me.

Hun Stamp SITE HISTORY (2011-Present)
  • 2016. 02.01: Adjusted class selector, changed into XHTML Strict and "go up", and applied Hun's stamp
  • 2013.06.03: KB updated
  • 2012.10.02: MacBook Pro (Apache, Php, MySql)
  • 2012.08.13: Applied Sulaksan photos to main template
Hun Stamp SITE HISTORY (2006-2010)
  • 2010.02.01: Ubuntu 8.04 on a new SCSI
  • 2009.05.02: Authentication module added
  • 2009.02.01: KB3 added
  • 2007.08.01: LAMP (Bulletin Board System). publc_service.html
  • 2007.06.18: Ubuntu Server (Apache 2.2.3) and SUN Untra Spac for www.masil.org.
  • 2006.07.14: Top page revised (Web Form).
  • 2006.03.10: SSI Renovation (~/site and ~/ssi added).
  • 2006.02.20: www.jeeshim.org, www.bakjae.org, www.bakjae.net.

Hun Stamp SITE HISTORY (2001-2005)
Hun Stamp SITE HISTORY (1997-2000)

Hun Stamp Special Thanks
  • I borrowed some Smurf images from Peyo's www.smurf.com during the early 2000s.
  • I used Lee Mee Wha's work found at www.tv37.co.kr until 2005.