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Jay Rajasekera
Professor Emeritus, International University of Japan.

This page is a brief introduction about Professor Jay Rajasekera. His most current research list is maintained in this homepage. A brief Japanese version on Professor Rajasekera can be seen by clicking on the Japanese flag, left of his photo, above.

Professor Jay Rajasekera has been associated with Graduate School of International Management (GSIM) at International University of Japan, since 1991. He is currently Professor Emeritus of International University of Japan (IUJ). Since 2018, he holds the position of Vice President and Dean of the Graduate School of Business and Commerce at Tokyo International University.

His prior administrative experiences at IUJ include Vice President, from 2016 till end of 2017, Dean of GSIM, from 2000 till June 2004, and as Associate Dean of GSIM, from 1995 to 1996.

His professional career started in 1984 at Bell Laboratories in New Jersey, USA, following his PhD graduation. Among the contributions he made while at Bell Laboratories include designing computer algorithms for the world's first Undersea Fiber Optic Cable TAT-8 between US and Europe which saved millions of dollars from the construction cost. His patented algorithm has been in use for designing multi-billion dollar Undersea Fiber Optic Cable systems, which carry most of the Internet traffic today, by major telecommunication carriers. An online scheduling system he designed had been in use for accepting orders for a multi-billion dollar a year business at Lucent Technologies.

During his term as Dean, GSIM became the 1st Business School in Japan to be listed in the "Top-100 Business School's of the World" prestigious ranking by Economist Intelligence Unit, in 2003. GSIM was also in the Asia Inc. "Top-15 Business Schools in Asia" ranking.

While at GSIM, he was instrumental in establishing a software research center at IUJ with the help of a Japanese Software Company bringing attention in Nihon Keizai Shimbun 日本経済新聞 (the major business newspaper in Japan). Since joining GSIM, he has co-authored three books (Entropy Optimization and Mathematical Programming and Application Development with VisualAge for JAVA ), including an edited book ( Current Research in Modeling, Data Mining & Quantitative Techniques ), and published more than 40 management and technical articles in refereed journals and business magazines. His opinions have appeared in Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Wall Street Journal (Read the old WSJ article on outsourcing, one of the 1st public articles introducing outsourcing to Japan: "Endaka + More Outsourcing = Higher Profits" , Asia Inc. (Read the old Asia Inc. article featuring Prof. Jay Rajasekera: "Is e-Business Dead?"), Japan Times (Read a past article titled "Ghosn, Koizumi, and Structural Reform in Japan") plus in a number of publications in Japan and other places.

He has wide consulting experience with top IT and telecommunication companies both in Japan and the US and with government organizations in Japan and other countries. He has conducted employee training programs and projects at a number of large corporations in Japan, including Lehman Brothers (now taken over by Nomura Research), IBM-Japan, Fuji Xerox, Fujitsu-AMD, Hitachi, and DHL-Japan. He is an advisor to several IT companies in Japan and overseas.

His courses, covering various topics on IT/Digital Strategies, IT Management, Computer Based Business Modelling, Entrepreneurship, and Operations and Risk Management have continuously received very high evaluations among business school students.

His current research interests include:

        - Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Society 5.0
        - National IT Policies, IT for Development, Digital Economy
        - Corporate IT Strategies and Digital Business
        - Entrepreneurship and Digital Business Start-ups
        - Using Mobile Technologies for Health Care Industry
        - Optimization Modelling in Big Data, Energy, Environment, Finance, and Manufacturing
        - VBA and Macro Modeling for Finance, Marketing, and Product Development Applications (Cash Flow, Risk, Options)
        - BIG DATA modeling, Strategic use of Databases including Environmental Management Databases

If any of the current students is interested in conducting thesis research with Prof. Rajasekera, he welcomes him or her to take a look at Thesis Guides pages and prepare well and have a meeting with him. Having supervised the largest number of theses students ever supervised by a single professor in the entire university, Prof. Rajasekera is pleased to consider serious students for thesis and other potential research.

Extra Activities:

Professor Rajasekera also has interests in art and fashion design. Following training in Italy on fashion design and art he established a brand and a fashion business, which was eventually sold to an interested party. He practices "sumi-e", a form of Chinese paintings. He had exhibited his sumi-e work at a number of places, including Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, considered as the largest museum in Japan. One of his art work won the "Outstanding Artist Award" presented by the American Scholastic Press Association in 2009. You can see some of his sume-e work in this website. For fun Professor Rajasekera likes driving and sailing. Currently, Professor Rajasekera is acting as a mentor for IUJ Photography Club.

If you want to contact Professor Rajasekera, his e-mail address is:

Note to IUJ's MBA alumni: If you read this homepage, please send your e-mail address. Professor would like to know how all of you alumni are doing.

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