Foundation of Web Technologies

Jay Rajasekera
International University of Japan

The Internet, often referred to as the Web, has grown out of plain homepages in to the main business domain. As companies try to expand their markets to wide geographical areas Internet has become the main mode of reach. From cost cutting, managing effective global supply chains, managing employees, to all kinds of dealings with customers, Internet has become the norm at present. New tools and conventions, such as HTML 5, as well had come up that would enable developers to make 3D webpages and comfortably integrate various applications from third parties into their own websites. Thus knowing the fundamentals of the technologies, what we call “Foundations of Web Technologies” is vital for any professional who needs to think broadly in today’s expanding global business environment.

This is a core course required to be taken by all E-Business students. If the space permits MBA and International Relations Master Program students are allowed to take. We are currently planning an iPhone/iPad Business Apps course for Winter or Spring term and this course is a prerequisite for that course.

Course oveview:

This course introduces the fundamental concepts of e-Business and the technologies that make the Internet and World Wide Web and the rational for their use for business. The material covered in this class is prerequisite for a planned course on iPhone/iPad to be offered in Winter or Spring term. Specifically, the course covers the following areas:

The main areas of the course include:

  • Web and business models
  • Web and immerging Internet based technologies
  • Brief introduction to basic web technologies
  • Making best use of Templates and Cascading style sheets(CSS)
  • JavaScript & JQuery Libraries
  • XML form feeds and Internet Mashups
  • Web for Mobile Technologies (iPhone/iPad)
  • Valuations methods for IT/Internet related businesses

At the end of this course, the students should be able to:

The main areas of the course include:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts and components of e-Business
  • Understand the elements of basic IT infrastructure both in terms of hardware and software upon which e-Business are operating
  • Develop simple but dynamic commercial Web sites using a web-site development tools and techniques such as HTML, Java Scripting and Active Server Pages (ASPs)
  • Use the basic knowledge of e-Business and its IT infrastructure in communicating with others and conducting operations within a company

The classes include lecture and lab sessions at E-Lab. Students are required to use the PC on Windows Platform. The students are expected to receive hands on and practical experience in this course.


The course does not require any previous programming skills but will assume students to have used computers for simple operations such as word-processing and web surfing.

Unsolicited comments form past students who had taken this course:

* Extremely practical and useful material.

** Mashups were new to me... but they are great tools to apply in my company site - 2009 student working for an energy company in Tokyo

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