Case Link for 2019 SPRING

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As of May 17, 2019

C/E CourseNo. Course Title Instructor Updated date
Core ITC1040 Digital Business Transformation Aung April 26
MGT1280 Corporate Social Responsibility Suzuki March 22
Elective ACT4110 Managerial Accounting Lee April 22
ACT4120 International Taxation Fujimoto April 11
ADC6015 Cross Cultural Communication Ahmed
FIN4080 Portfolio Management Hiraki March 27
FIN4200 Risk Management Chuang
ITC4100 Mobile App for Business Aung April 26
JDP4040 Development of Japanese Industries and Innovation Itami/Kikkawa
JDP4050 Japanese Employment Practices and Human Capital Accumulation Yokose March 27
MCM4100 Business Presentation Ahmed April 16
MGT4460 Innovation and New Business Creation
Wakayama March 21
MGT4540 Competing in Emerging Markets Zhang May 17
MGT4550 Leadership Yokose April 15
MGT4570 Human Resource and Global Talent Management Sugiyama
MGT4620 Chinese Management Zhang
MKG4260 Consumer Behavior and Digital Marketing Comai
MKG4290 Global Strategic Marketing Comai
MKG4300 Strategic Brand Management Sano March 21
OPR4150 Supply Chain Management Li May 3
OPR4170 Managing Product Development Li March 25
QIS4140 IT Strategy and Policy Planning Rajasekera