Case Link for 2017 FALL

If you have possibilities not to take each course, please DO NOT click the each link.

“None” means no HBP cases are required for the course.

As of December 7, 2017

C/E CourseNo. Course Title Instructor Updated date
Core ACT1010 Financial Accounting Lee None
ITC 1020 Web Technologies and E-business Rajasekera/ Aung Nov. 8
MGT1050 Strategic Management Wakayama Sep. 26
MKG1010 Marketing Management Sharkasi Oct. 30
QIS1020 Applied Statistics Li None
QIS1070 Computer Based Decision Modeling Rajasekera None
Elective ACT4010 Corporate Financial Reporting Lee Oct. 11
ADC4080 Essentials of Economics Cooray None
FIN4060 Money and Banking in Japan Takatsuki None
FIN4080 Portfolio Management Liu Oct. 11
FIN4250 Derivatives Markets Ito Dec. 7
FIN 4370 Project Financing Kikuchi Oct. 11
FIN4380 Entrepreneurial Finance Ito Nov. 14
ITC4010 Mobile Business Strategies Ciferri None
MCM4080 Business Communication Ahmed Oct. 18
MGT4560 Transnational Management Zhang Nov. 20
MGT4590 Service Management Hirose Nov. 6
MKG4080 Marketing Strategy Sharkasi Oct. 2
MKG4200 Social Media Marketing Acar Oct. 11
MKG4240 Advertising McCaughan None
OPR4140 Project Management Naito None
DCC 5249 Macroeconomics Kuo None
DCC 5284 International Finance Ariyoshi None