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July 2018        The 47th Edition
A Newsletter for the 4,360 IUJ Graduates, and counting
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A graduation to remember!  Complete with South African-style cheering, dancing, and traditional gowns, our first PhD graduate (Nicholas Chapman), cameras everywhere thanks to the Photo Club and IUJ staff, and a perfect weather day for photos in the park. Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

In this Edition . .

  • Meet the newly elected Alumni Association Executive Council

  • Celebrate IUJ's AASCB accreditation
  • Discover how some IUJers are collaborating
  • Hear words of thanks from your ThANKS Fund awardees 2017-18
  • Congratulate three alumni who are/will be at the top of their companies
  • Learn about an education initiative for girls in Nigeria by an IUJer
  • Find out about the Experts program relaunch and how it will help "Leverage IUJ's Alumni Network"
  • Plan to join an IUJ World Wide Friday event, near you - Link to Tokyo event for RSVP too
  • Learn who because IUJ Professor Emeritus recently

A Message from the Newly Elected Alumni Association Executive Council

Chair, Tadashi Inagaki
On March 14th, in the general meeting of IUJ Alumni Association held in Tokyo, 
10 graduates were elected to serve a 3-year term as members of the Alumni Association Executive Council (EC).  In order of graduation*, Hideyuki Kawashima (IM90), Mitsuharu Nakano (IM90), Norimasa Teramachi (IM93), Tadashi Inagaki (IM95), Yaoyu Yang (IM96), Andy Laver (IM04), Minako Suzuki (Ebiz10), Priyanshu Sharma (IM11), Nicholas Chapman (IR12, PhD18), and Dilip Singh (Ebiz16).  Among them, seven members, excluding Teramachi-san, Yang-san, and me, are new to the EC. 
I have been an EC member for the last 21 years and feel the EC can contribute much much more to the IUJ global community.  Now, I am retired from my career and am nearing 60, I made up my mind to put my greatest effort toward the Alumni EC activities.  
Since April 2018, we, EC members, have been discussing the decision making rule carefully because EC members communicate mostly by e-mail, not by face-to-face meetings these days.  Still, we had four face-to-face meetings/gatherings in the IUJ Tokyo office and agreed to have monthly meetings/gatherings, open to any IUJ Alumni, on the 2nd Thursday in the same place, IUJ Tokyo Office. We also plan to continue having Bonen-kai, or year-end party, with IUJ board members and faculty members.  In addition, some of the new 10 members have:
  • Attended Open Day and the day-after BBQ for networking with students,
  • Attended graduation and gave a brief comment at the Alumni Forest Tree Unveiling ceremony,
  • Gathering alumni to exchange views (photo is Yaoyu Yang in Shanghai)
  • Attended IUJ info sessions
  • Organized a couple of "Benkyo Kai" or study sessions
Such activities will continue, and expand to some social events, career support initiatives, fund raising efforts, and increase interaction with class reps and chapter chairs. 
What we are doing so far is not very big and fast, but we can move faster after the ground setting stage is over.  However, we cannot get significant
outcome without your support and participation. So come join to the gatherings in Tokyo and/or send e-mails and give your innovative ideas to achieve the objective of the Alumni Association which are:
  • the development of the International University of Japan (IUJ)
  • the establishment of friendship among the Alumni and support their global activities
  • further internationalization of Japan through strengthening its relations with countries of the world
Currently, the members have grouped into the following areas of interest:
Campus Career Support
     Andy Laver, Minako Suzuki
● Fundraising Effort
     Priyanshu Sharma
● Strengthening ties globally
    Yaoyu Yang, Priyanshu Sharma, Andy Laver
● Strengthening ties within Tokyo
    Hideyuki Kawashima, Mitsuharu Nakano, Norimasa Teramachi, Dilip Singh

Join us!
Tadashi Inagaki, IM-95, 
Alumni EC Chair Person (2018-2021) 
e-mail: energypresenting@gmail.com
* We are hoping for more participation from GSIR in the months ahead.
IUJ World Wide Friday
September 7, 2018

For Tokyo event, please RSVP to alumni@iuj.ac.jp to attend
or fill in this Google Form.

For events in a city near you, watch for updates or contact your Chapter Leader. OR create the social gathering and inform campus.

In the photo above, are alumni gathering in Thailand in a mini-reunion to celebrate their 10th Anniversary of their graduation, setting a great example for IUJ World Wide Friday!

Alumni Working With and For Each Other to Achieve New Goals

Collaborating IUJers
Please share YOUR story of collaboration between you and another IUJer.  Here are a couple recently sent in.
We are delighted that sempai Takashi Izuhara (IM91, Japan), is now managing his kohai Harold Im (IM2014, Australia) at SOMPO Holdings, Inc.  When not in the office, Izuhara-san can be found with his classmates collaborating on bikes!  Here they are on a recent adventure:  Yoshiharu Mizutomi (left) and Masanobu Tanaka (right).
Shinichi Kishi (IM97, Japan) spoke on insurance accounting and regulation at the Regulators' Plenary in the 11th ASEAN Insurance Congress in Vientiane, Laos in November 2017 attended by Kounjairthong Insiri (IR2010, Laos) representing Prudential Life Assurance (Lao) which served as one of the major event sponsors.
Charisse A. Gulosino (IR99, Philippines), and Elif Şişli-Ciamarra (IM99, Turkey) successfully published a joint research work: Donors and Founders on Charter School Boards and Their Impact on Financial and Academic Outcomes in Education Finance and Policy, a top-ranked journal in their field (MIT Press).
They share: "Our passion project was about 10 years in the making.  Such a long and winding road; yet no accomplishment is possible without persistent work. We are judged by what we finish, not by what we start. This study is definitely one of a kind!"
Jega Muniandy (IR90, Malaysia) recently “collaborated” with an occasional IUJ lecturer, better known for his position as the Japanese Foreign Minister, Taro Kono. He writes: “I want to share with you a picture of myself with Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono in Malaysia recently. I handed to him my thesis I completed at IUJ on the Look East Policy which has been revived after the sensational May 9 election victory by the 93 year old PM Mahathir Mohamad.”
Share YOUR story!  Send to alumni@iuj.ac.jp

IUJ Receives Major Business School Accreditation       

As announced in February, 2018, the Graduate School of International Management (GSIM), IUJ proudly obtained accreditation from AACSB International (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), the world’s leading  authority on quality assurance of business schools. IUJ has become one of just four AACSB accredited universities in Japan to date, and the first accredited English-medium university in Japan that offers graduate degree programs.
We hope you share the proud feeling – your alma mater achieved something very significant!
For details, please see the IUJ news page at https://www.iuj.ac.jp/20180222/

Alumni Experts Program Relaunched

IUJ Experts program, after being dormant for many years now, it is being revitalized and relaunched in the spirit of "Leveraging the Alumni Network." 
From Fall term 2018, the IR and IM Councils, Career Services, and hopefully faculty or PhD students, or others doing serious research etc. will be encouraged to reach out to our Experts to engage them as guest speakers for student clubs, lecturers in courses, industry experts for career services, research advisers or collaborators, etc. Some of the guest speaking activities may be on campus, but likely most will be via SKYPE or other online conferencing tools to maximize participation within budgetary, time and logistics constraints.
Our Experts may also be contacted to make 3-5 minute informative videos to be used by IUJ for an alumni continuing education video series. Hopefully this will also lead to professional networking for our alumni. IUJ will also use these for student groups (ie, Finance Club, Consulting club, Entrepreneurs, International Organization careers club, LeanIN Women’s Group, etc), and some online for IUJ promotions through your expertise!

As of July 30, we have 117 Alumni Experts across a wide range of industries. While not all classes are represented, there is a good distribution and the class of 2013 is leading the way with 10 volunteers, followed by 2005 with 8. Among them are former ambassadors, successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, government officials and central and development bankers (see below!),
Those interested in joining this program, please contact alumni@iuj.ac.jp and confirm your professional affiliation (place, department, title) and Area of Expertise, with key words and a short description.  Please also indicate what you are interested in doing from the following:
  • Class Lecturer/Guest speaker
  • Career Speaker
  • Collaborative Research
  • Tours and Orientations of your place of work
The photo above features 3 of our 117 experts, all at the African Development Bank!  Nathanial Agola, MA95, Kenya
Gerald Ajumbo, MA96, Kenya
Lamin Drammeh, MBA97, Gambia
3 Former Faculty are now IUJ Professor Emeritus 
Congratulations, and thank you for your service and dedication to IUJ, to our newly awarded "Professor Emeritus"
               John Welfield               Kimio Kase                     Jay Rajasekera


with 1992 graduate                  As IUJ president            With Ebiz "Innovation" 
Kyaw, Hlaing                                                                     class 2012
Supporting Child Education in Nigeria
This column, usually called "Business Connections" is dedicated to helping alumni promote their businesses, or reach out to members of our Alumni Association for advice, partnerships, and involvement in their initiatives. This edition introduces a special project in Nigeria led by IUJ alum Dauda Bulama, MBA1997
The Innercity Mission for Children “Back to School Campaign” 2018. 

This campaign was launched to raise funds to get deprived, vulnerable and excluded children enrolled into school in Nigeria. Through this initiative, their school fees are paid and they are provided with Back to School Kits.
In 2016, through their donors contribution, over one thousand children (boys and girls), living in Maiduguri IDP Camp North-East Nigeria were enrolled in community schools and provided with Back to School kits, while in 2017, over one thousand five were enrolled. This year 2018, the campaign is geared towards enrolling 10,000 kids who were forced to drop out of school due to poverty or have never had the opportunity to attend school.
The Innercity Mission for Children is seeking support for its “Back to School” campaign. It is our opportunity to provide families and students in need with the clothes, materials and equipment that are so important in helping them connect with their school, their teachers and their peers, and be ready to learn. 100% of donations to the BTS program go to beneficiaries.

Please join me provide back-to-school supplies for these indigent girls of extremely needy families served by our poverty alleviation programs. Without our help and support, these girl children will be kept out of formal education forever. The result is better imagined.

Back to School is a practical, positive program that makes a real difference in the lives of children. You can demonstrate your commitment today by donating towards the program.

Please learn more, and contact me through

Congratulations to three IUJers who recently became President of their company!

Junichiro Miyagawa, Class of 1989, Now President and CEO of ANA Sales
(Sorry. No "then" photo immediately available......)
               Then                              Now
Takanao Tamai, IM 1997
President and Representative Director of Johnson & Johnson Co., Ltd.
President, Representative Director, Medical Company
(as of 9/1/2018)
               Then                              Now
Masahiro Asaoka, IM 2002
Now Representative Director and President of TEPCO Logistics

Congratulations. And good luck in your new positions!

Students "Thank You" Letters for your scholarship support:

Below are letters of thanks sent by this last year’s recipients of the ThANKS Fund scholarship. The ThANKS Fund is made up of donations from alumni that go directly, and in full, to 2nd year students who have been and are demonstrating amazing contributions to campus dynamics, and IUJ-Community relations.  The two letters were sent to our very faithful and generous donors. I share them here with you all in the hopes you feel encouraged to make a donation!
Name:              Ershad Ali Chowdhury
Program:          MBA, 2 year (Class of 2018)
Country:           Bangladesh

Dear ****,

I would like to say thank you very much for helping to sponsor me. As a current IUJ student it is an honor to be one of the ThANKS Fund beneficiaries (IUJ Type D scholarship). I believe that IUJ Type D scholarship is the most distinguished form of appreciation of my activities on and off campus I could receive. Why it is so special to me? Because, this scholarship is funded by the alumni donation and IUJ alumni are actively involved with the selection procedure. I believe alumni know best who to select because they know IUJ better than anyone else. Therefore, this is a huge privilege for me.

Currently the scholarship is my only steady source of financing my everyday-life expenses and that means a lot to me. At the same time, the scholarship helps me greatly to involve myself in activities and concentrate on my studies all together. Without the support, I might have to involve myself with part-time jobs off campus giving up some of my activities, otherwise, which might affect poorly to my life in the campus. The scholarship also gives me the psychological boost that I am already connected to the IUJ alumni network.

I have no doubt to declare that ThANKS Fund scholarship is helping me a great deal to get the best out of my IUJ endeavor.

Thank you so much for being with me.
Ershad Ali Chowdhury
OSS note: Ali was a very key member of GSO-EC, and as a trilingual person (fluency in Japanese) a key supporter of students in involving them with the community.  He has also helped take PEC (Professional Ethics Committee) to a whole new level which includes regular discussion hours, and a much more visible presence of PEC awareness. He also helped us restart the 2nd year student-1st year MENTOR program last fall taking several Ebiz students under his wing. His contribution to streamlining campus elections will have a lasting contribution as well. Campus is truly fortunate to have had his leadership and initiative, and friendship on campus.
Name: Pongthep Termthaimongkol
Program: MBA, 2 year (Class of 2018)
Country: Thailand
Dear ****
My name is Pongthep Termthaimongkol, 2nd year of the IUJ 2-year MBA program from Bangkok, Thailand. This year, I am receiving the Type D Scholarship, provided through alumni donations.
As I learned that you donated to support me, please give me a chance to say that I truly appreciate this support. As more than one year of studying abroad experiences, I understand that students are working so hard in order to achieve their high-level of the education. I feel that sponsorship is one of several factors that can reduce the students’ stress and improve their studying performance. My financial support through the ThANKS Fund scholarship helps me a lot in order to achieve my future career through focusing on studying and also supporting the IUJ community and local people full heartily.
I may not be able to express my feeling to you perfectly for your kindness support to IUJ community; however, once again, I truly appreciate your donation to this important scholarship.
Pongthep Termthaimongkol
OSS Note: Pongthep, we call him Paul, has been an outstanding and dynamic campus leader through GSO-EC activities, club and event leadership (including volunteer translator) and school visits. He is a go-to guy for the Community Action Team, going on nearly 20 school visits to introduce Thailand to elementary school children. Paul also volunteered to help with the new Mentor program last fall, and I have great feedback from his Mentees on how much he helped them adjust to IUJ life.
From these thank you notes, I hope you all can feel how important those who are making donations are to the IUJ community!  As I hope you can see, donations go directly to people who need it and who are dedicating their time and energy for IUJ and our community. 
For details on making donations, please see http://www.iuj.ac.jp/alumni/donations/
This past year, both recipients were MBA students. This coming year both are MA students, coincidentally. The aim is to award one scholarship to each school, but awarding them to the leading candidate, as determined by the goal of the scholarship, takes priority.


Gourmet Marathon: Join us?

Did you know that IUJ campus is part of the Gourmet Marathon course? "The Gourmet what?" you ask? The 1/2 marathon held every June for the past 9 years. Each year several alumni come and run!

Next year (June 2019) will be the 10th anniversary of the event, If enough IUJ Alumni are interested, we are considering making this a special Alumni Event!. Interested? Contact campus.  To learn more about the event (in Japanese) check out at http://gurumara.com/
When is IUJ World Wide Friday?
September 7.
So, like our IUJers in Nairobi, plan to come out and enjoy
After the planned 5 year agreement, IUJ and Meiji University mutually agreed to end their official collaborative relationship. With this, IUJ top leadership has also changed. For a current list of IUJ trustees, counselors and advisers please see: https://www.iuj.ac.jp/about/board/
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