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January 2018        The 46th Edition
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Ahhh. Winter at IUJ. Amazingly fresh air on crystal clear mornings like this!  Photo by Jay-sensei.

In this Edition . .

  • Introduction of IUJ's new degree program by GSIR and GSIM together

  •  A survey and response of IUJ's fundraising activities conducted independently by those in Singapore (long article at end)

  • March 14 Alumni Meeting and EC Elections!

  • Students in various competitions, and winning

  • New activities on campus: HOUSE and Mentors

  • Alumni Advisory Boards launched

  • Collaborating Alumni - more stories requested

  • Business Connection "Tokyo by Food"

  • and much more.....

Introducing IUJ's Newest Degree Program!

Japanese Development Program, JDP

GSIR and GSIM faculty are coming together to offer an innovative learning platform focusing on lessons from Japan’s past, both successes and failures, that can be applied to assist growth and development in other economies worldwide.

The program will target young professionals interested in leading their country, or supporting a country’s development efforts applying "universal logic" from Japan’s history and adapted to the unique setting in the specific emerging country.  Students will start the program in joint courses offered by both schools, then choose an MBA or MA track depending on their career aspirations and professional needs. 

The MBA track will concentrate more on business development and strategies, along with the basic MBA courses, while the MA track will focus more on the role of public sector and government bodies. The program, launched with direct cooperation from JICA in their “Global Public Top Leaders Program” will bring the first batch of students to campus in fall 2018 – some for each of the two tracks. Students will come from Japan, Asia, Africa and South America by target, but is open to other regions as well with private funding.

Student recruitment efforts have just begun.

Watch for more exciting developments from our newest, and school-wide degree program.
Note on Global Public Top Leaders Program:  IUJ is one of 8 schools chosen to participate in this JICA scheme.  The JDP is one program under this scheme, and other students from ASEAN plus 7 other countries including Egypt and Mongolia, will participate in the IUJ regular programs.  IUJ is honored to be recognized among the 8.
Alumni Association Meeting and
Executive Council

March 14, 2018 at IUJ Tokyo Office, Roppongi

RSVP to alumni@iuj.ac.jp to attend
EC Term: 3-years starting April 2018 
Please contact campus to nominate yourself of others for the election, and please plan to attend the March meeting.   (doors open at 6pm, meeting from 7pm. No event fee)

Business and Essay Competitions pick up on campus

IUJers are competing in business competitions and essay contests at a new and accelerated pace.  Here is information on several recent competitions.
The Japan Business Model Competition Niigata Round 2017 

was held at Niigata University on December 3, 2017 (Sun). This competition was organized by Hokuetsu Bank and International Collaboration for Local Organizations in Venture and Entrepreneurship (ICLOVE, created by IUJ), co-organized by Niigata University and International University of Japan (IUJ). The most important element of this competition is identifying and tracking business model hypotheses and testing and validating those hypotheses with customers.

Eight teams participated from 4 universities and gave 10 minutes presentation each.

In the end, the business model by IUJ's team “Fresh Deli” business model presented by Nguyen Thuy Duong and Vu Manh Tuan received the ICLOVE award and the entry qualifications for the JBMC Tokyo round in February. If “Fresh Deli” wins that round, they are invited to participate in the IBMC finals held in U.S.A.

Hult Prize, campus round, was held on November 26.
Since 2009, the Hult Prize has been encouraging young business leaders across the globe to come up with new challenges for the world’s pressing interests through entrepreneurial initiatives. For the first time, and under the initiative of the IM Council, IUJ formed 10 teams to compete for the chance to represent IUJ at the country round in Tokyo.

The theme this year is Energy: “Harnessing the Power of Energy.”

IMC invited outside judges who screened the 10 teams in morning presentation rounds, and selected the top 6 to go on to the campus final.  At the end of the day, one team emerged the winner and will go on to the Japan round being held during winter term.

Congratulations to team “Transwaste.” Their idea was to convert methane gas emitted from waste site into  clean energy for household use. The team members are:
Dougan Chaffer, Consuelo (Equatorial Guinea)
Pacifique Essereke (Congo)
Omer Mohammed Ahmed (Sudan)

Special thanks to all of the judges, including two who are IUJ Alumni, Kaushal Wawlagala and
Flavio Souza. We are deeply grateful for their contribution.

In addition the judges have agreed to provide mentorship support to the winning team.

UPDATE: In addition to our campus winning team, two more teams have been invited to the Tokyo Round.  Watch for updates. 
  Event participants, organizers and judges. Thank you IM Council!

FALIA Essay Contest on Global Issues in Life Insurance, sponsored by Daiichi Life Insurance company
Again this year, an IUJer was honored with a cash award for her essay on the Mongolian Life Insurance market addressing the challenges and opportunities there.  Enkhtuul was among 13 winners from various schools in Japan including Waseda, APU, etc.  Congratulations!

St. Gallen Wings of Excellence
IUJ again welcomed the promoters of the St. Gallen program to campus for their presentation of their event highlighting «Leaders of Tomorrow».  With regular participation from IUJ in the past, several students are now preparing their essay entries to win one of the slots for Japan to go to the conference on the St. Gallen campus, in Switzerland, in March.

World MBA Summit
IUJers were again invited to participate in the World MBA Summit.  This event, started in 2014, and held around the world brings 100 of the best and brightest MBA candidates together for a week of networking and “shaping of Global Leaders.”  An IUJ student participated in the very first summit, and they continue to come back with invitations for us to participate in the very exclusive conference.

IUJ joins AAPBS – Association of Asia Pacific Business Schools.


We are pleased to announce that GSIM IUJ is now proudly a full member of AAPBS (Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools).

AAPBS was formally established in 2004 by 11 of the leading business schools within the Asia-Pacific region. AAPBS is a not-for-profit organization with 139 members from 32 countries/regions. Ten Business schools in Japan including IUJ's GSIM, are now members.

The primary purpose of AAPBS is to provide leadership and representation in order to advance the quality of business and management education in the Asia-Pacific Region through collaboration in research and teaching, and working in partnership to improve business school standards and quality.


IUJ World Wide Friday

Alumni in NYC celebrated in 2017

Date: September 7, 2018
Times and Programming: Ask your Chapter Leader
Venue: Someplace near you!

PhD Program Update

In 2015, IUJ began its PhD program featuring 3 “clusters” within GSIR: International Relations, International Development and Public Management clusters.  A special study room was prepared to welcome up to 5 candidates each year.
This June, we are excited to graduate IUJ’s first PhD student, who is also an MA graduate!  Nicholas Chapman (IR2012) will be the sole recipient this year, and will be followed by 4 in 2019 and 10 in 2020 (if all goes well!).  Interest in the PhD program has increased steadily and we expect many more applications for 2018 and 2019 intakes.  IUJ will keep the program small, focusing on about 5 incoming candidates a year.
Collaborating Alumni 
A growing list of wonderful stories about how IUJers are working together across degree programs, graduation years, industries and borders is about to be shared with everyone.  If you have a story to tell please contact campus - alumni@iuj.ac.jp.  Stories of successful business ventures, business deals, government policy coordination, conference participation, joint publications, UN project work, joint research, mentoring of Kohai by Sempai, hiring of Kohai by Sempai, chance meetings in airports, . . . etc. please share with campus!  Photos are appreciated but not required.  Stories will be featured in the July edition of our newsletter - and there are some good ones!
Business Connections
This column is dedicated to helping alumni promote their businesses, or reach out to members of our Alumni Association for advice, partnerships, and involvement in their initiatives. This edition introduces a new start up in Tokyo we may all enjoy on our next visit there. AND it is for a good cause.


Why do we enjoy traveling?
New places to see, new things to try, a chance to get-a-way from our daily routine . . . sure. But let’s face it. It is the FOOD.

Introducing Tokyo by Food!

Enjoy Tokyo with guides to help you find the best ramen, courses to teach you how to make kawaii character bento, and find the cheap and amazing offerings using both their free information services and fee-based courses and tours. And who started all this?  An IUJ alum!
Meet Serkan Toso, Ebiz 2016 and the inspiration behind Tokyo by Food.  He is from Turkey. He is a total foodie and badminton enthusiast. He has always dreamed about starting his own business to help other people. For this purpose, he started Tokyo by Food and partnered with an organization in Cambodia for feeding 10 kids for each person who attends an event through Tokyo by Food. So his company not only helps those in Tokyo find fun with food, but also helps those in Cambodia through his unique corporate philanthropy model.
Looking for a team building unique event? Tokyo by Food also provides special prices for corporate team building cooking classes.

Contact him on serkan@tokyobyfood.com 


What's New at IUJ?    Nakayama’s 10 HOUSES of IUJ

“We need to bring our campus closer together.  We are from everywhere, but we are not mixing enough. We must do something to encourage people to make friends and networks outside their comfort zone. We need HOUSES.”

An enthusiastic 1st year student brought the idea of HOUSEs to IUJ.  A HOUSE is a team consisting about 35 students who are a complete mix of nationalities, degree programs, genders and 1st and 2nd year students. With their Captain at the helm, they participate in social events, and competitions ranging from a Halloween costume competition (our first HOUSE event), to a 7 week long Photo Competition (our fall term event) and a Futsal tournament (our first sports competition).  The types of competitions will be very diverse to allow every HOUSE member to make a contribution based on their skills and interests – participation points are always counted along with the winners of the events to encourage a lot of involvement.

In winter term the HOUSEs will compete in a Winter Olympic fun weekend, a snow sculpture competition, a badminton and basketball tournament, a general knowledge quiz night, a debate competition, and much more!  Events will continue through IUJ Olympics and other spring term events, until all the points are calculated and the HOUSE Champion is crowned in early June.

Campus enthusiasm for the HOUSE system has energized campus, and brought unlikely people together. Thanks to the HOUSE captains, the momentum is likely to continue through June when their replacements will be selected for the next academic year!

The Nakahama HOUSEs are named after our 4 Founding Fathers of IUJ, and the first 6 Chairmen of the IUJ Board. Each has a color and a mascot that were selected by random in the kick off even in October.  The Head of the HOUSES (HOH) is Mpumi, from South Africa and the man behind the entire initiative.  He and the 10 captains work closely with the GSO-EC, but are a separate group.

The leading HOUSE after fall term is the House of Ushio – the Red Cobras!  Here is part of their HOUSE at the kick off event.

Alumni Advisory Boards launched

In October 2017, with the amazing support from IUJ Jakarta Chapter Chair Arman and others, a successful gathering of Alumni in Jakarta helped launch our first 2 Advisory Boards: 1 is a senior level group of alumni (currently 8); the other are representatives from most classes of graduates (currently numbering 17, but needing an additional 14* or more)(some are also quite senior in their careers). 

In Jakarta, Prof. Cooray and Gretchen explained the current state of IUJ-Indonesian recruiting activities and various relationships, and ask for guidance and advice from our advisers.  After the brainstorming meeting, the ideas were shared with over 100 alumni who attended the evening reception. More ideas were gathered as a result.

Back on campus, the ideas received are being organized and considered for short-term and longer-term action.  Follow up plans and budgeting are underway. Those in Indonesia, please watch for more information, and plan to get involved if you are able.

These 2 advisory boards are a pilot project. Indonesia was chosen to start due to the sheer numbers of alumni IUJ has there.  Once underway, and successful, advisory boards in other countries will be launched.  We will be asking our chapter leaders to help coordinate and communicate with the boards. The advisory boards will not replace chapter activities, but supplement them and be more focused on developing IUJ’s image and brand in their area, rather than focus on bringing alumni together, which is the role of the Chapters.
*Currently, the classes that are not represented in the Class Advisory Board are: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2014, 2015, 2017. If you are in Indonesia, and in these graduating classes wanting to participate, please contact campus.

Donating to IUJ:

Survey and update from campus on the ThANKS Fund, a scholarship fund for 2nd year students sponsored by alumni:

The “Singapore Survey”

Reported by Gretchen Shinoda, Director of Alumni Relations, Manager of Office of Student Services, and Alumni Class of 1989.  NOTE: I usually do not carry such long articles but this initiative by those in Singapore deserves a full response.

Thanks to the initiative of Priyanshu Sharma (MBA 2011) and other key alumni in Singapore, we have a critical review of the donation drive campus has been running for the past 11 years.  I am very grateful for the input and feedback, and would like to take this opportunity to share the results of their survey, and provide information and clarification regarding this fund.  This article is a bit lengthy, so I hope you will read until the end to help with transparency issues.

The survey was first conducted among alumni in the Singapore Alumni Chapter, then sent by email to all alumni for your feedback.  104 alumni responses were received. The key findings about a donation to the scholarship fund, and career support are noted below by Priyanshu and others.  I, on behalf of IUJ and Alumni Relations, provide responses
Survey Summary Regarding the Donations to the Scholarship Fund
1.       Out of 104 people who filled the survey,
      a.       40% were willing to contribute to the Alumni Scholarship fund
      b.      49% were not sure and had concerns around allotment process and the transparency around it
      c.       11% were not willing
2.       Main concerns reported by 62 people (out of 104) who were either not sure or were not willing, are
      a.       35% - Not sure of the allotment process
      b.      16% - Believe there is lack of transparency around the allotment process
Suggestion and questions from the Survey designers:
Advertise the Alumni Scholarship fund to all the alumni’s again clearly defining the following points

a.       What is the purpose of the fund?
Answer from IUJ: The ThANKS Fund is designed to support 2nd year students who, during their first year at IUJ, demonstrated outstanding leadership, campus community building, and helped to promote a closer IUJ-City relationship. They also need to have plans to continue along these lines in their 2nd year.  Often those who are awarded the scholarship have and will serve on GSO-EC, the IR or IM Council, participate in the elementary school visit program, or other IUJ-City relations like volunteering to teach English at the new hospital, helping with local businesses globalization efforts, etc.

In addition, the ThANKS Fund name comes from The Alumni NaKayama Scholarship Fund honoring the founder of IUJ, Dr. Sohei Nakayama.  We are hoping alumni feel grateful to Nakayama-san for creating such a unique educational experience and can feel their donation is giving “thanks” to him.

b.      How the fund will be utilized?
Answer from IUJ: 100% of the funds received from alumni and designated for the Scholarship Fund go into the fund (minus any bank or credit card processing fees). The fund becomes a stipend scholarship of 100,000yen a month for up to 2 individuals a year for their 2nd year (10 months), usually one from GSIR and one from GSIM.  However, if two students from one school are clearly more deserving of the award, then that “guideline” can be waived.  One year, due to an issue with the JASSO stipends that affected students adversely, the award was 50,000yen pre month to help 4 students stay in school.

Fundraising began in 2006, and the scholarship award started in Fall 2008. So far, we have supported 21 students from the classes of 2009-2018. 11 are from GSIR and 10 are GSIM. They are from: Bangladesh (1), Canada (2), Germany (1), India (3), Indonesia (1), Japan (6), Mongolia (1), Thailand (1), UK (1) and USA (4).  Some of these nationalities are ineligible for other scholarships that have nationality conditions attached, so the numbers are a bit skewed as a result: This scholarship is one of the only ones they can apply for.

c.   Who is eligible to apply for this scholarship, and who makes the selection? How can alumni get involved in that process?
Answer from IUJ: To be eligible, students must be on a scholarship that allows them to receive this stipend, or on no scholarship at all.  This means many who are already on full or partial tuition scholarships, or receiving a stipend of more than 80,000yen a month already are usually not eligible to apply.  To be selected, they must have already demonstrated their leadership and motivations for creating a better IUJ, and plans to continue. The application asks them to list all of their activities and initiatives.

The OSS, which houses Alumni Relations, receives the applications in May.  I, Gretchen Shinoda, as Director of Alumni Relations, an alum from 1989, and deep observer of campus activities make a recommendation to the Alumni Association Executive Council.  The Council members look over the applications and give their feedback.  After any adjustments are made, the deans’ offices are sent the information on the nominees in priority order for their final decision. That decision is then sent through the “ringi” process to solicit support from IUJ’s top leadership. Once that is finished, the announcements are made.

The award starts in September of the students’ 2nd year if they are on campus at least 5 days during that month and as new students begin to settle in. Otherwise it starts in October. It is not offered if they are away on exchange (as the purpose is to encourage their campus leadership!). It runs through June of their 2nd year.

Those awarded the scholarship, as a stipulated condition, are also requested to stay involved with IUJ after they graduate specifically for PR support (E-magazine articles, website advertisements and interviews, etc) and occasional Alumni Newsletter profiles or articles (see July 2018 edition!). The current recipients are from Bangladesh and Thailand.

At this time, alumni can get involved in the selection process by joining the Alumni Association EC which allows for overseas membership!  The next election is in March 2018 for a 3-year term. Contact campus if you would like to run!

d.      How alumni can donate?
Answer from IUJ: Donations are taken in cash, bank wire transfer (Furikomi) or by credit card on the online secure system at http://www.iuj.ac.jp/alumni/donations/
On that site, you can also see the history of the fundraising drives, and who has been actively donating (anonymous donations are also accepted).  Donations made from Japan of 10,000yen or more are tax deductible, and IUJ provides the documentation to help with that.
In the future, we plan to also provide the option of donating by “Flywire.”

e.        Any other, which can help to improve the entire process.
Answer from IUJ: In the past, we have offered incentives for donations by giving away IUJ goods (T-shirts for small donations and sweatshirts for more major donations), having matching donation drives (Tamaru-sensei participated when she retired from IUJ, for example, and IUJ President then Vice-Chairman Masakatsu Mori has been an extremely generous donor), etc.  We welcome your ideas for what would help you feel comfortable and excited to donate back to campus to support student leaders!
Alternative Ways to Give to IUJ
If this donation scheme is not of interest to you, and you are paying taxes in Japan, IUJ is also hoping to receive your “free” donations through the Furusato Nozei scheme – this is a tax deduction scheme where you can pay your taxes in a community of your choice and designate how you want it to be used. You will receive a full tax deduction, minus 2,000yen. And we will send you 5K Koshihikari rice. The donation is to Minami Uonuma City, and IUJ gets 90% of it.  Please see this site for details (in Japanese) http://www.iuj.ac.jp/donation/
Other Findings from the “Singapore Survey:” Career Support
"Career Guidance – 72% of all the respondents were willing to help current on-campus students not just to land them for a job or an internship but also if students reach out to them for career advise and referrals etc.

On campus students need to understand that Alumni’s are not just to be approached to ask for jobs and internships but can also be approached for career guidance and advice etc. Alumni can advise on career paths, the pro’s and con’s and even tips that can help crack interviews. Networking off-course stays as relevant as always and will always be helpful."

Response from IUJ:  IUJ’s Career Services promotes A-CAN, Alumni Career Advisor’s Network. This is a group of alumni “volunteers” willing to help IUJers with career questions and guidance. Literally everyone volunteers (alumni must tell Alumni Relations office if they are NOT willing to join). Incoming students are then informed about A-CAN, and encouraged to reach out to alumni for guidance, advice, etc.  The information on A-CAN volunteers is searchable through Excel files and an Access Database. At this time, it is not as user friendly as it should be, and if IUJ can free up some funds and staff, I, in Alumni Relations, am hoping to improve that.

With this feedback, IUJ may need to rethink the A-CAN scheme and trim it down in size to make the program more manageable or accessible by current students. One initiative for 2018 is to increase the use of our two already existing Mentor Programs that match alumni with current students. 1) Global Women’s Mentor Network and 2) IUJ Men’s Mentor Program.  New recruitment for mentors (alumni) will follow a better way to match them with current students for an improved career development support program.

We also try to have alumni guest speakers on campus to give advice, guidance, help with career exploration, etc. each year.  More can be done, and I am hoping that in 2018, as my job shifts away from Career Service to a stronger focus on Alumni Relations, I can strengthen that program and bring more students into contact with their Sempai!


I am sincerely thankful to the alumni in Singapore and beyond for caring so much about IUJ that they took up this initiative and conducted a needed survey. I have learned a lot, and am hoping to continue working with everyone to a better future for IUJ!  Here is to the next 35 years!

Please visit the Donation Website at http://www.iuj.ac.jp/alumni/donations/
Your IUJ campus: more diverse than ever with 55 plus nationalities on campus, studying and working together to join you as Global Leaders.
New to this academic year, in addition to the HOUSE program, was a MENTOR program. 2nd year student volunteers are given a group of incoming students to reach out to and provide guidance as they adjust to the IUJ living and academic environment.  Feedback was good, and improvement will be made for fall 2018!
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