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IUJ Alumni News
July 2015        The 41st Edition
A Newsletter for the 3,779 IUJ Graduates from 117 countries, and counting

IUJ Welcomes a New Chairman of the Board

Mr. Shoei Utsuda became IUJ's Chairman of The Board of Directors on June 1. We welcome him to our community!  Please see he message to Alumni Below.

Special heartfelt thanks to the long and dedicated services of out-going Chair, Mr. Yotaro "Tony" Kobayashi who retired from the post on May 31. 

IUJ's First Joint Graduation Ceremony

On a cool June 26th day, IUJ Class of 2015 packed Sawarabi Hall in cap and gown for the graduation ceremony of both the June graduates and August graduates in IUJ's first join ceremony.

125 graduates from 25 countries proudly walked across the stage to receive their well-earned diploma, followed by our August* (expected) graduates who also paraded on stage, stopping for a photo op with  IUJ President Kitaoka.

Special congratulatory remarks were offered by Mr. Koichiro Matsuura, the Eighth Director General of UNESCO: “There are still a number of countries which have troubles with politics, economics and culture. I hope that you will take advantage of your experience at IUJ and contribute to build a peaceful world.”

This year, with the large number of graduate and guests, the celebration party was held in the gym. A record number then participated in the Alumni Forest Tree unveiling ceremony.  Everything concluded just before the rains began.

*IUJ now has 3 1-year degree programs: Masters of E-business Management, 1-year MBA, and a 1-year Public Policy Program

 IUJ Top Leadership

Photos are from top to bottom: Mr. Utsuda (Chairman of the Board), Mr. Shinoda (Executive Trustee) and Mr. Mori  (Vice Chairman) at the welcome reception on campus.  Mr. Bunji Shinoda poses for the Alumni Newsletter.  Mr. Mori offers a Kampai to our new leadership.

Greetings from IUJ Chairman Shoei Utsuda 

A Special Message to the Alumni Association

It is with high hopes and expectations that I join the IUJ Board of Directors.
With IUJ’s history stemming from active Japanese business involvement, and the pioneering mission of supporting Japan’s globalization as advocated by Mr. Sohei Nakayama, the “father” of IUJ, I feel challenged to help support IUJ’s continued development.  I have big shoes to fill with the retirement of Mr. Yotaro “Tony” Kobayashi, who has been a stead-fast supporter and chairman of IUJ for many many years.  I know you join me in giving him our thanks for his service to IUJ.
As the chairman of the board, I hope to offer several things to IUJ.  First, I have much to learn about the academic industry, so the new and fresh challenge will provide the opportunity for new and refreshed ideas and activities in my own professional life.  Alongside the newly appointed Executive Trustee, Mr. Bunji Shinoda, I hope to also further engage the Japanese business community to take advantage of what IUJ has to offer such as the amazing Alumni Network, the academic offerings both in the degree and non-degree programs, and the rich source of human capital being trained at IUJ through employment and internship hiring.  Fundraising, and other means of support from the Japanese society such as the CCRC initiatives (see related story), too, will be a priority for me.
The IUJ potential for the Japanese society is immense.  Some ground has been gained to truly reach that potential in the past several years, especially.  I am hoping to help take the next bold steps toward that potential.  I will need your help.
The IUJ Alumni Association is a highly valued, and often touted resource not only for IUJ, but for Japan.  Much more can be done to work with you all in a mutually beneficial way.  So please keep in touch with campus.  We will have some new initiatives to announce in the coming months. 
I do hope to meet many of you directly when I travel for IUJ overseas, and at the upcoming December Alumni Association Bonnenkai in Tokyo.  Please do allow me the privilege to meet with you on those occasions.
Together, let’s take IUJ up a few more notches!
About Mr. Shohei Utsuda
Mr. Utsuda comes to IUJ after a dynamic business career.  While currently serving as Vice Chairman of Nippon Keidanren, he is the former top executive at Mitsui & Co. Ltd. In many capacities:
  • Chairman (April  2009 through April 2015)
  • President and Chief Executive Officer (October  2002 to April 2009)
In addition he has served in the following roles:
  • Vice Chairman of the Japan Business Federation “Nippon Keidanren” (2007 - 2011)
  • Counselor to the Policy Board of the Bank of Japan (2007 - 2015)
  • Chairman of the Japan Foreign Trade Council, Inc. (2010 - 2014)

About Mr. Bunji Shinoda
Mr. Shinoda comes to IUJ after a career with SKY Perfect. He served as Corporate Auditor of SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc., and SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, and was Director of JSAT Corp.  He most recently was the CEO at Satellite Network, Inc. (SNET), SKY Perfect JSAT Group, Asia’s largest pay TV platform and satellite operator.

Alumni Association 30th Year Anniversary

Bonenkai Celebration

同窓会30周年特別 忘年会

Date: 3rd DecemberThursday
Time: 19:00-21:00
Venue: Hamamatsu cho Tokyo Kaikan in World Trade Centre

Mark your calendar and plan to join IUJ Chairman Utsuda,Vice Chair Mori, and many other top leaders of IUJ, and your classmates on this very special event!

Alumni Families on the Rise

IUJ is proud to be graduating siblings, cousins, spouses, and recently on the rise children of IUJ graduates!  This year, we boast our 3rd and 4th parent-child graduates:  Enkhbayar Shagdar (IDP2001) and Bilguun Chuluunbaatar (Ebiz 2015), and Taichi Yoshino (MBA2015) and Takehiro Yoshino (MBA1992). Congratulations to these special families!
Father and son share graduation 
days in 1992 and 2015

Coming to our area? 

IUJ as a Significant Feature in the Creation of CCRC.

CCRC: Continuing Care Retirement Community, is a fast growing concept in Japan with its aging, yet healthy, older citizens.

The idea is to create communities of active seniors in interesting setting that can offer them activities, health care, diversity and affordable living options.  IUJ is in line to be a semi-host of a CCRC using IUJ land to build a community near campus. 
With the new state-of-the-art hospital that opened in June, just 4K from campus, with the Shinkansen line making access easy from Tokyo, and with the beautiful 4 seasons and famous food and drink of this area, plus access to IUJ campus and our diverse students, the concept architects see Minami Uonuma City as an ideal spot for a CCRC.
The city too is extremely interested in promoting CCRC here. The city would enjoy more active residents in the community who could take advantage of all the area offers: skiing, hot spring resorts, delicious food, festivals, and seasonal activities.
IUJ would benefit from income from the sale of campus land, and more interaction with the local community living close by to campus.  The potential for cultural exchange, language exchange, friendship development including maybe a few honorary grandparents for IUJ students’ children, etc. are among the advantages.  Also, the CCRC residents participating in IUJ programming too is seen as adding value to the overall campus experience and academic offerings.  Potentially, the CCRC residents will bring wisdom spanning international business, to NGO/NPO/JICA-like initiatives, etc. into which IUJ can tap to supplement programming.
This plan is in the early discussion phases, but is progressing.  Watch for news on CCRC in the Japanese press. IUJ is often mentioned among the leading proponents!

IR and IM Alumni Collaborations for JT

Ali Itani (IR03, Lebanon) and Hisataka Chinju (IM98, Japan) meet up in Geneva as Japan Tabaco International staff!

Ali wrote in:
“I was very happy to have the chance to meet with another IUJ alumni who works for JTI as well.

I am now working for JTI as the Corporate Affairs and Communications Manager for the Saudi Gulf region based in Dubai. While in UK for meetings I had a chance encounter with fellow Alumnus Hisataka Chinju (98 IM) who is Japan Affairs Manager based in Geneva. Two IUJers who happen to be JTIers, at our regional hubs Headquarters.”

Seeking Collaboration for Infant Health


"Dear IUJ Alumni in Tajikistan and Mongolia! If any of you are currently working in public health in your respective countries, with a focus on infant and child nutrition, I would appreciate getting in touch with you. I am doing volunteer work with a foundation based in the United States that is eager to partner with local organizations, particularly focusing on orphanages and baby houses. Thanks so much!
Stanley Currier, IUJ 2010, 

IUJ to Open Satellite Offices 

With IUJ's advanced mission of "Establishing a New Global Standard from Asia" under the Top Global University Project (SGU in Japan), we are planning to open satellite offices in key places around the world.  The first office is planned for Hanoi, Vietnam for later this year.  With our strengthening relationship with University of Language and International Studies - Vietnam National University, Hanoi (ULIS), the office is scheduled to be located on their campus.  The staff will be comprised of people from Vietnam, perhaps alumni, and service the greater ASEAN region.  

IUJ also enjoys strengthening ties with Haiphong city, and increased collaboration is expected (photo features a VP Kato greeting the leader of the Haiphong delegation in April).

Additional offices are planned for the African continent, likely in Accra, Ghana.  Other locations under consideration are Mongolia, India (strengthening our agent presence there), Indonesia and beyond.
PHOTO Right:
Japan's Relationship with Africa is quickly returning to, and will soon exceed our earlier level of engagement. Thirteen students (some pictured here at IUJ Welcome Day 2014) from 5 countries in the initial group of the ABE Initiative program will be followed by over 45 from the continent in Fall 2015.

Can't see to the end of the Newsletter? CLICK on the button below!   A few more articles to follow!

Update on Dorm Life

Thank you Sakai-san.     Welcome Ken!

After a long service to IUJ, Mr. Sakai has retired. We thank him for his various contributions!

With this change at IUJ, we have taken steps to again improve dormitory services through a new "Dorm Director" system.  IUJ Dorm Staff is an amazing group of women now running the dorms between 8:30 and 5:30 daily, including weekends and holidays.

The new Dorm Director now operates from 4:00pm to 11:30pm 365 days a year, and is on campus throughout the night to respond to emergencies.

Welcome to Mr. Ken Fukushima,  who became our new primary Dorm Director in May. "Ken" is bilingual, and has worked in various capacities with other university students.  With Ken on campus, and the new specialized hospital opening in June this year next to the old hospital, and the continued services from "the Dorm Staff," IUJers have better dorm life support than ever.
The New Emergency and Critical Care hospital, just 4K from campus, also offers day patient care and will be able to serve IUJers better with state of the art equipment and more English speaking doctors and staff.  "Uonuma Kikan Hospital" is an 8 story building with helicopter pad and 24 hour emergency response services.

IUJ World Wide Friday

coming soon to a city near you . . .
September 11, 2015

Chapter Leaders, please send in your event details by September 1, and invite your local alumni!

Need support? contact Gretchen on campus

PhD Program Kicks off with 4 Pioneers

3 IUJ Alumni to Start their PhD pursuits in the Fall

We are excited to welcome back 3 IUJ former students to again walk the halls and hang out in the IUJ library has they help mold and build the IUJ PhD program.  The returning students come from the UK and Myanmar and will be joined with a new IUJer from Sri Lanka.  They will pursue "clusters" in International Relations, Public Management and Economics under the watchful eye of the GSIR faculty.

A specialized study room for our PhD students is currently under construction near the Computer Classrooms in MLIC building.

Wonderful Development at IUJ Career Services - THANKS to Alumni!!

IUJ's Career Counseling and Services is delighted to report the largest ever involvement by alumni in helping current students with jobs and internship opportunities.  A record 12 Alumni recruited on campus or from afar, and offered 30 internships and employed 5 students from all programs. THANK YOU

Of special note is the outburst of support from our very first graduating class in 1985. Part of their 30 anniversary celebrations (?), 3 alumni from our initial graduating class hosted a total of 16 students in their respective companies!

Special thanks to a nostalgic Arima-san, President of Tozai Asset Management (his 2nd year of recruiting), to a man ready to take EVERYONE, Suzuki-san (shown above), Director of Financial Agency, and Tsuchiya-san, COO of AEGON who also created amazing projects for IUJers to challenge.

Further shout outs to Ena, Das, Bhargav, Kaushal, Apurva, Rie, Arif, Kushani, Shienel for their very direct and/or indirect support to make this year's placement for internships and jobs the best in a long time!


Our Alumni Association as of July 2015


IUJ now has 3,779 alumni from 117 countries (Numbers will go over 3,800 by late August!)

118 Alumni come from 68 countries, and number just 1, 2 or 3 alumni each:
Three Alumni from the following 20 countries
Azerbaijan, Colombia, Czech, Denmark, Hungary, Iran, Netherlands, Papua N.G., Spain, Uganda
Two Alumni from the following 20 countries
Argentina, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cameroon, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominica Republic, El Salvador, Greece, Iraq, Ireland, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco, New Zealand, Palestinian, Poland, Timor-Leste, Turkmen, Ukraine, Yugoslavia
One Alum from the following 28 Countries
Barbados, Belarus, Bolivia, Brunei, Chad, Congo DRC, Cote D'Ivoire, Eritrea, Estonia, Finland, Gabon, Gambia, Guatemala, Guinea, Honduras, Jamaica, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Samoa, Scotland, Seychelles, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, UAE, Yemen
We hope to increase the numbers above!  Please introduce a good candidate to apply!
The remaining 3,761 Alumni span the globe in 49 countries as follows:

IUJ was happy to welcome back IM2003 grad, Sourharo Sann.  He is currently Senior Manager, Group Leader for Mitsubishi Corporation in Cambodia.
Congratulations to Toshihiro Uchiyama (1985) who was appointed President of NSK Ltd. earlier this year.  He joins a growing number of IUJ Alumni serving in top leadership positions with major companies.

Photo courtesy of NSK website
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