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This edition . . . introduction of IUJ's incoming president, report on our 35th Anniversary Alumni Reunion, report on June graduation ceremony with a twist, business connections and alumni networking requests, (alum's initiative in Nepal), IUJ Friday update and more!

Remember this wonderful place?  It is just behind the soba and mountain vegetables restaurant, Miyanoya, and at the base of Hakkai-san. Recently, current students had the opportunity to discover it for the first time.
Message from Dr. Kase, Outgoing IUJ President

Dear IUJ Alumni,
It has been my honor to serve first as a faculty member and GSIM dean at IUJ, then as vice president and now as president.  By design, I am
stepping down from the presidency after the 2 years, and going back to Spain at the end of August.  During my time at IUJ, I have sincerely enjoyed watching, promoting and supporting various aspects of growth and change.  I watched IUJ carry out several initiatives under Super Global University program.   IUJ opened an office in Vietnam and may soon do so in Myanmar, and eventually in Africa.  I have worked closely with other GSIM faculty members to achieve the AACSB accreditation, an essential factor for IUJ to compete with other overseas universities, at a very speedy pace and we continuing working diligently toward that goal.  IUJ student numbers are up as our relationship with JICA and many Japanese companies continue to strengthen.  Our Non-Degree Programs continue to improve and increase, and our exchange relationships with major universities around the world have increased.
It has been my pleasure to meet many of you through my travels for IUJ.  I hope our paths will cross again.
I leave IUJ presidency in the good hands of Dr. Itami.  Please do support him as he prepares to continue the progress, and take IUJ to its next stage.
Kimio Kase
out-going IUJ president
Message from Incoming IUJ President, Dr. Itami

Dear IUJ Alumni
Please welcome me aboard your journey.
I come to you with great expectations for a future for IUJ that continues to build on its original purpose of “creating global leaders.”  IUJ’s founders were bold leaders from Japanese business and government communities who succeeded in creating you, over 4,000 leaders from about 130 countries, from this little town of Urasa, Niigata. I am so impressed by this campus where the world really does gather. IUJ’s alumni network is such an important asset for both the world and Japan, thanks to your hard work and dedication to make education here your own asset.
More than 20 years ago, I was once asked to be a President of IUJ but had to turn down the opportunity due to various commitments and obligations that I had at that time at Hitotsubashi University. This time, I could fortunately accept the invitation, and with my experiences in academia and business, I hope to work with you all to continue IUJ’s journey into the future. Together, we can build on the past and create a situation here on campus that will benefit the global society even more, and perhaps Japan, the host country of IUJ.
Our mission is to stay dedicated to developing wise and responsible individuals for global business and social leadership.  I will need your help, input and guidance.  As IUJ celebrates its 35th anniversary, so many of you have already set wonderful examples. Please work with me on the next leg of our travels, to help the next generations of IUJ to follow in your footsteps, and perhaps even exceed your accomplishments a little bit.
Hiroyuki Itami  伊丹敬
Incoming IUJ President
Brief Bio:
Dr. Itami comes to IUJ after a long career in academia researching and teaching at Hitotsubashi University and Stanford. He has also served as Dean of Hitotsubashi’s business school. Dr. Itami received a BCom and MCom from Hitotsubashi, and his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, Graduate School of Industrial Administration. He has widely published in areas of strategy, innovation, corporate governance, and management of technology.  Two of his major English publications are Adaptive Behavior: Management Control and Information Analysis (American Accounting Association, 1977) and Mobilizing Invisible Assets (Harvard University Press, 1987).  In Japanese, he has written extensively on management and economic issues.
In the corporate world, Dr. Itami served on the Board of Directors of Toshiba Corporation and currently serves as an external auditor for both JFE Holdings and Mitsui OSK Lines.
Please welcome Dr. Itami into the IUJ family.


It is Down to ZERO

Please consider making a donation to IUJ specifically to the ThANKS Fund, The Alumni-NaKayama Scholarship Fund.  

This scholarship provides a monthly stipend to two 2nd year students who have shown strong leadership to help the IUJ campus community in their first year, and who plan on continuing to do so in the 2nd year. The ThANKS Fund drive started in 2006 and we have supported 20 students between 2009 and 2016. We have two very deserving students selected to receive the scholarship starting in September 2017, but our fund is down to zero!  PLEASE make a donation at http://www.iuj.ac.jp/alumni/donations/  

The first 35 to do so will receive a special badge commemorating IUJ's 35th Anniversary and our alumni network. Image below:

IUJ World Wide Friday



Date: September 8, 2017
Times and Programming: Ask your Chapter Leader
Venue: In near vicinity
35th Anniversary Alumni Homecoming

Special thanks to the more than 150 alumni plus their family members for returning to campus for IUJ's 35th Anniversary and Alumni Reunion.  Below is a quick summary of the weekend in words and photos.

(Below, Members of the Class of 1992 gathered for their 25th anniversary since graduation photo op!)
May 12-14 was filled with hugs, smiles, memories and refreshed friendships.  We enjoyed IUJ Sake and mountain vegetables for the Friday happy hour, followed by a serious session on Saturday morning offered by Iggy Sisson (Class of 1989).  IUJ Alumni Association Chair, Ken Takai (Class of 2002), was our host and MC, and Steven White (Class of 1988) kicked off an exciting Q&A and comment session with his initial thoughts on Iggy's talk.  Iggy challenged us to think about a company or organization's triple bottomline.  Can a company be in solid standings over the long run if it ignores its people and the planet, but focuses only on profits? Or can a company's culture be changed so that all 3 categories can flourish for long-term sustainability?  And if so, HOW do you do that?  To learn more, see the broadcast on the IUJ Youtube channel!
After a very healthy audience-participation discussion session, the study time was closed, and alumni were challenged with two projects: Find your thesis in the IUJ library collection!  Find your class tree in the Alumni Forest and share the photo with your classmates around the world!
Next up was Open Day.  Alumni and their families came out in great numbers to enjoy the food and 4-hour stage show.  Alumni even went up on stage to wave to the audience.

That evening, we enjoyed a BBQ near the IUJ tennis courts with a Halal meal, and local micro-brewed beer.
Sunday morning, we gathered at the IUJ front entrance and separated into 3 groups for 3 different activities: A ride on the Gondola to the top of Hakkai-san (with snow still!), a hike up the little mountain behind IUJ, and a trip to the Hakkai-san Sake brewery. Alumni argued over which event was the best one as each had their very special features!
After the morning activities, we met at Izumi Village for a luncheon buffet featuring a birthday cake for IUJ, lots of fresh green nature, a few speeches, and a slide show of IUJ's history based on our yearbooks!  You can watch that slide show HERE.

The weekend closed with promises to stay in better touch, and get together again soon!

Thank you to all that traveled from near and far to join us!  It was a very special weekend.
Alumni around the world 
too, gathered to celebrate IUJ's 35th Birthday. Thank you to chapter leaders and everyone who came out to celebrate!  Groups in Hanoi, Dhaka, Jakarta, Istanbul, NYC (photos here), Brisbane, Bangkok and more!!
Business Connections
This column is dedicated to helping alumni reach out to members of our Alumni Association for advice, partnerships, and involvement in their initiatives.  This edition introduces an Indonesian alum in Nepal building a library there. She is already involved with some alumni in Nepal, but we all can get involved!

Introducing Peace Perspectives and Books for Peace
Dahlia Simangan (Class of 2010)
Co-Founder and Executive Director, Peace Perspectives
PhD Candidate, The Australian National University
Let me share with IUJ alumni about my current initiatives. I welcome your involvement.
Peace Perspectives is a research and community outreach organization based in Nepal and with the aim of expanding to other countries starting in the Asia Pacific. We collect, document, and analyze the definitions of peace coming from everyday people and implement small-scale community outreach activities to help in fulfilling local peace aspirations. Here is an example of our interviews. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndf-H0L6Dfg&t=2s

It is a bottom-up, grassroots-driven initiative in which everyday people inform, participate, and own the projects being implemented in their local communities. Please visit www.peaceperspectives.org for more information about our strategic goals and projects.
About the Books for Peace project, we asked the residents of Bamti village located in Ramechhap District in May 2017 what makes them feel at peace. Most of the respondents associated peace with the future of their children. Since education is one of the factors in ensuring a better future for children, we coordinated with the principal of Bamti village’s elementary school to organize a book drive and establish a mini-library for the benefit of the school children. We are collecting used/new English/Nepali non-curricular books appropriate for Grades 1-5. The principal also requested science and world history books for the teachers.
We can arrange a pick-up or drop-off of books and we are also collecting funds for bookshelves, purchase of new books, and delivery of books to the village via www.gofundme.com/booksforpeace. I hope these details help. You can find out more about the project at https://peaceperspectives.org/2017/06/03/books-for-peace/

I can also be reached at dahlia.simangan@peaceperspectives.org or dahlia.simangan@anu.edu.au

What's New at IUJ?

We are happy to announce significant improvements to student health services for both medical and mental support.  In April, IUJ welcomed a new full-time mental health counselor, Ms. M. Ishibashi. And in May, IUJ entered a closer relationship with the local clinic,
Moegi En, for more consultation time and support for student medical issues.  These two new services are complimentary to our long-term support from a bilingual medical doctor and a tri-lingual mental health specialist. 

Starting in Fall term, there are plans for new workshops on stress management, time management, and more as requested by students.  The Office of Student Services will team up with our new counselor for various improvements in these areas.
Graduation with a Twist!
The graduating Class of 2017 had their celebration at the beautiful facilities in Koide, at the Koidego Bunka Kaikan (Culture Center).  184 people from 41 countries participated in this grandest of ceremonies: 164 who graduated on June 24, and 20 who will graduate in later in the year (our 1-year program participants in Ebiz, 1MBA and PPP). 

Congratulations to this year's valedictorians:  GSIR  Md. Rezaul Hasan (Bangladesh) and MBA Medard Ntindekure (Burundi)

So, WHY did we change locations? Because we have so many people graduating, and so many guests coming that we can no longer fit comfortably in Sawarabi Hall.  We bused about 500 people to this new venue about 10 minutes from campus.

This year we also provided a live stream of the ceremony for family and friends unable to travel the distance to attend.  You can watch it now!
IUJ is excited to start our first overseas Alumni Advisory Boards.  The initial plan is for 2 boards in Indonesia (our largest overseas alumni group): one senior advisory board, and one wider board made up of representatives of each graduating class.  The boards are scheduled to be launched in October 2017. Watch for updates.
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