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Welcome to the IUJ Online Application System. To get started, and create your Application ID number and password, simply fill in the information below. In the "Sponsorship" category, indicate who is supporting your tuition. If you do not already have a sponsor, indicate "Non-Sponsored".

  • Admission Category
    IUJ receives applications from two groups:
    Domestic Applicants (residents of Japan, regardless of nationality. "Resident" means Japanese passport holders who are living in Japan through the Admissions deadlines, or those holding a non-Japanese passport but have a Resident's Card or Alien Registration card, and with re-entry permissions into Japan on any type of visa at the time of application and through the Admissions deadlines), and
    International Applicants (residents of countries other than Japan, regardless of nationality. This implies: Japanese nationals with residential permissions in a 2nd country and who are living in that country through the Application/Admissions process; or non-Japanese with no status in Japan through the pplication/Admissions) Admissions guidelines and fees are slightly different for domestic and international applicants.

  • If you indicate "Foreign Government Sponsored" or "Japanese Company or Government Sponsored", we understand you have no need to apply for a scholarship through IUJ.

Please be careful regarding capitalization, and the spelling and order when inputting your name.

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