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About This Site

The webserver and web services at the International University of Japan is maintained by the Computing Services section of the Matsushita Library and Information Center.

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Website History
The IUJ website has undergone three major design changes during it time online. The following represents these changes:

Version:   3   Falcon Screen Shot
Online:   April 12, 2000  
Codename:   Falcon  
Designer:   Paul Wallace  
Programmer:   Paul Wallace  
Design Goals:    

Version:   2   Falcon Screen Shot
Online:   October 5, 1998  
Codename:   Tsunami  
Designer:   Paul Wallace  
Programmer:   Paul Wallace  
Design Goals:    

Version:   1   Alpha Screen Shot
Online:   1995-1996  
Codename:   N/A  
Designer:   Rory Lysaght  
Programmer:   Rory Lysaght  
Design Goals:   N/A  

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Site Map
The IUJ website map will provide you with a overall structure of the contents. Choose from one of three levels of detail.

Photo Credits
A list of photos taken by current students and alumni of IUJ, that capure images of student life and the beautiful IUJ campus location. We hope these images give you a better idea of life at IUJ, as seen through the eyes (and lenses) of those who live here.

Privacy Statement
Protecting your privacy is important to IUJ. We hope the following policy will help you understand how IUJ collects, uses, and safeguards the personal information you provide on our website.

Copyright Information
The materials contained in the IUJ web site are provided by IUJ and may be used for informational purposes only. By downloading any of the materials, you agree to the terms and provisions as outlined in this legal notice. If you do not agree to them, do not use this site or download materials.

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