Osamu Nakamura

※PhD Faculty Member

M.A. in Economics, Soka University, 1981
Ph. D. in Economics, Soka University, 2012

Osamu Nakamura


International Economic Systems and Order
Postwar Japanese Economy
Japanese Public Finance and Administration
International Trade and Investment

Research Interests:

1) Productivity in the geriatric economy in Japan
2) Income distribution and economic growth
3) Decentralized systems and sustainable economic growth in the Japanese regional economies

Major Publications:

Income Distribution and Economic Growth of Japan under the Deflationary Economy : Theory and Evidence on an Econometric Analysis, Singapore, World Scientific, 2012.

“International Trade, Capital Transfer and Growth of the Vietnamese Economy in the Context of Asia and the Pacific: An Econometric Analysis with a Global Macro Model,” The Journal of Econometric Study of Northeast Asia (JESNA), Vol.8, No.2, 2012.

“Determinants of Per Capita Income Growth of the Japanese Regional Economy on a Basis of 47-Prefectures: New growth theory approach,” The Journal of Econometric Study of Northeast Asia (JESNA),Vol.10, No.1, 2010.

“Energy Demand and Economic Development of China: An econometric analysis,” The Journal of Econometric Study of Northeast Asia(JESNA), Vol.8, No.2, 2007.

“Reform of the Public Finance and Administration: The case of Hokkaido, An econometric Analysis,” Journal of Japan Association for Planning and Administration, Vol.16, No.3, 2002. (in Japanese)